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We provide information on the significance, regulations, types, installation and maintenance of escape route lighting.

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5 July 2024 Fire Safety

Escape route lighting is an essential element of building safety. It ensures that people can be safely evacuated from a building in an emergency.

In this article, we will look at the importance of escape route lighting, legal requirements, different types of lighting and their installation and maintenance.

The importance of escape route lighting

Fluchtwegbeleuchtung in der Praxis-CWS Fire Safety

In an emergency, be it a fire, power failure or other unforeseen event, properly installed and functioning escape route lighting can make the difference between life and death.

It ensures that escape routes are clearly visible and easily accessible, even if the main lighting fails.

Legal requirements for escape route lighting

In Germany, there are various regulations and standards that govern the installation and maintenance of escape route lighting. The most important standards include

  • DIN EN 1838: This standard specifies the requirements for emergency lighting systems.
  • Workplace Ordinance (ArbStättV): This ordinance requires adequate safety lighting in workplaces.
  • DIN VDE 0108: This standard regulates the installation of safety lighting systems.

It is important that building owners and operators inform themselves about the applicable regulations and comply with them, as they are responsible for escape route lighting. 

Fluchtwegbeleuchtung im Flur-CWS Fire Safety

Types of escape route lighting

There are different types of escape route lighting that can be used depending on the specific requirements and local conditions of the building. Individual, central or group battery systems are possible. The latter can, for example, be monitored and controlled centrally.

Installation and maintenance

The installation of escape route lighting must be carried out by professionals to ensure that all legal requirements and standards are met. Important steps include:

  • Thorough planning to ensure that all escape routes are covered and that the lighting is installed in the right places.
  • Selecting the right lighting based on the specific requirements of the building and the applicable regulations.
  • Professional installation by qualified personnel.
Fluchtwegbeleuchtung-Installation vom Profi-CWS Fire Safety
Fluchtwegbeleuchtung vom Profi-CWS Fire Safety

After installation, regular maintenance is crucial to ensure that the escape route lighting functions properly. This includes:

  • Regular testing: carrying out regular functional tests to ensure that all components are working properly.
  • Battery replacement: Timely battery replacement is required for battery-operated systems.

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