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Escape route safety systems solve the tension between the different requirements.

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4 August 2023 Fire Safety

The requirements for escape and rescue routes are high because they save lives in dangerous situations. They should lead people inside a building safely and by the quickest route to emergency exits outside or to a secure area.

Various legal and building regulations apply to escape and rescue routes, including the Technical Rules for Workplaces and the state-specific building regulations.

According to these, escape and rescue routes must enable fast and safe escape at all times in the event of an emergency. At the same time, escape doors must be closed in everyday life (i.e. in the non-hazardous case) and protected against unauthorised access.

Important: Escape doors thus form a critical point in fulfilling the requirements.

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Escape route safety systems as a solution

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Escape route safety systems solve the conflict between the various requirements for doors in escape and rescue routes. The following are available, among others:

  • Panic exit devices
  • Door monitors
  • Escape door bonnets
  • Escape route terminals

Door monitors and escape door bonnets secure escape doors against unauthorised use. Door monitors are mounted below the door handle so that the door handle cannot be pushed down without triggering the alarm. Escape door bonnets are placed above the door handle to create a barrier to improper use.

Modern escape route protection

Modern escape route protection systems such as escape route terminals offer a convenient solution. They control the access of escape and fire doors electrically. In this way, escape doors are unlocked for authorised persons in everyday operation. In an emergency, the doors open by means of an emergency button or automatic activation. An interface to swing door drives, fire alarm systems or burglar alarm systems is optionally possible.

As a result, unauthorised access is prevented and free escape and rescue routes are guaranteed in a hazardous situation. Modern escape route safety systems are particularly suitable for buildings with a high pedestrian frequency, such as hotels, offices or event and assembly venues.

Good to know: Escape route safety devices require an annual inspection, depending on the model. This applies to both door monitors and escape route terminals.

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CWS supports you

As a certified specialist company, we are happy to support you in the planning, installation and maintenance of escape route safety devices. Our portfolio of escape route safety devices includes:

  • Door guard
  • Escape door bonnet
  • Escape route terminal

Contact our experts in your area, we will advise you holistically. You will receive the optimal solution for your escape routes, consisting of fire and smoke protection doors, escape route safety systems and safety markings.

We also establish possible interfaces to fire and smoke extraction systems. We are also happy to take care of the regular maintenance or testing of the escape route safety system, so that its perfect functionality is always ensured.

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