Extinguishing systems - an investment in greater safety

They are particularly effective, save lives and minimize property damage.

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19 April 2024 Fire Safety

Extinguishing systems play a crucial role in preventive fire protection and are used in various applications such as industrial buildings, warehouses, server rooms and public buildings such as hospitals. They may be required by special state building regulations, official regulations or insurance requirements. However, voluntary investments in these systems are also becoming increasingly common, as they not only increase safety, but are also rewarded by insurance companies.

Arten von Löschsystemen-Beispiel-Sprinkleranlage-CWS Fire Safety

Advantages of extinguishing systems

Extinguishing systems can detect and fight fires at an early stage before they spread and cause major damage. Thanks to their automated operation, they are particularly effective and can save lives and minimize property damage.

Types of extinguishing systems

There are various types of extinguishing systems, including water, gas, foam, powder and special extinguishing systems. The choice of extinguishing agent depends on the specific location and protection objective.

Water extinguishing systems:

Sprinkler and water mist extinguishing systems rely on water as the extinguishing agent and are particularly effective in fighting fires in public buildings or industrial facilities. 

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Gas extinguishing systems:

Gas extinguishing systems are primarily used in sensitive areas such as server rooms or electrical systems. They smother the fire without using water, thus minimizing potential damage to sensitive technology.

Foam extinguishing systems:

These systems create a dense layer of foam that shields the oxygen from the source of the fire, preventing combustion. They are particularly suitable for liquid fires in industrial buildings or warehouses.

Special extinguishing systems:

These special extinguishing systems are tailored to specific areas of application. For example, Ansul kitchen extinguishing systems are designed to fight grease fires in commercial kitchens quickly and effectively.

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Stationary extinguishing system from a specialist company

As a specialist company, we plan, install and maintain extinguishing systems in accordance with the requirements and specifications. We define the protection objective of the system, taking into account all relevant factors, and prepare a feasibility and profitability analysis for our customers. We then plan and install the tailor-made solution for maximum safety and efficiency.

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