Fire alarm systems: Planning by professionals

Safety in buildings begins with well thought-out planning. This also applies to fire alarm systems (BMA for short).

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13 November 2023 Fire Safety

Safety in buildings begins with well thought-out planning. This also applies to fire alarm systems (BMA for short), which are designed to detect fires at an early stage and thus minimise damage.

This blog article highlights the most important aspects of fire alarm system planning, including standards, the fire alarm concept and the planning process.

Specifications for the planning of fire alarm systems

In Germany, the planning of fire alarm systems is subject to DIN 14675 Part 1 "Fire alarm systems: construction and operation" and Part 2 "Requirements for the specialist company". It specifies the requirements of the fire alarm system depending on the type of building.

The basis of fire alarm system planning is the needs analysis and the fire alarm concept.

Planning fire alarm systems: Process

1. needs analysis

Analysis of which areas in the building need to be protected by a fire alarm system, e.g. due to an increased fire risk or as an escape and rescue route.

2. creation of the fire alarm concept

Based on the needs analysis, the fire alarm concept is developed, which defines the scope of monitoring, the type and number of fire alarms, the alarming devices and other designs.

3. planning & project planning

The actual planning of the installation includes, among other things, the selection and positioning of the detectors, the formation of detector groups, the selection of the suitable system and the location of the fire alarm control panel (FACP).

We also plan and draw up all fire protection plans for you, including fire brigade maps and fire brigade plans.

4. installation, commissioning & acceptance

Once planning is complete, the fire alarm system is installed by a certified installer so that the system can be commissioned, thoroughly tested and approved.


Regular maintenance and servicing of fire alarm systems are crucial to ensure the system's long-term functionality. In addition, a mandatory inspection of the operator is required on a quarterly basis.

Excursus: The fire alarm concept


The fire alarm concept provides information about the scope of monitoring. DIN 14675 distinguishes between the following monitoring scopes:

  1. Full protection
    All areas of the building shall be monitored by fire alarm system to ensure early fire detection.
  2. Partial protection
    Only individual - particularly endangered - building areas are to be monitored.
  3. Protection of escape routes
    The focus is on safe evacuation in case of fire, so that the escape routes are in the focus.
  4. Protection of furnishings
    The focus is on furnishings and valuable goods, e.g. in museums, computer centres or warehouses.

Fire alarm system planning only from professionals!

Fire alarm system planning is a complex task that requires specialist knowledge. Therefore, the planning of fire alarm systems with connection to the fire brigade should only be carried out by certified specialist companies - such as CWS Fire Safety GmbH.

These companies are familiar with the applicable standards and regulations and can ensure that the system meets all safety standards. In addition, not only the risk of malfunctions but also the legal conformity of the system is guaranteed.

CWS Fire Safety is a certified installer

CWS Fire Safety is a certified specialist installer for fire alarm systems. We are happy to take over the planning of fire alarm systems for you throughout Germany. Afterwards, we will of course take care of the installation as well as the regular maintenance and servicing of your system.

Certifications at a glance:

  • Specialist company for fire alarm systems (BMA) in accordance with DIN 14675
  • Service provider for security systems according to DIN 16763
  • Installer company for hazard detection systems (GMA) according to VdS 3403
  • Quality management systems according to ISO 9001

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