Fire detection system: Early warning

Rapid alerting and damage limitation by means of a fire alarm system.

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1 March 2024 Fire Safety

The fire alarm system is a crucial element in the fire protection of buildings. It consists of various fire detectors that detect smoke and heat at an early stage and transmit them to the fire alarm system control panel. This coordinates the alerting of the fire department, internal warning signals and controls important fire protection devices such as smoke extractors and fire barriers. They are mainly used in industrial and commercial buildings as well as in special buildings where specific fire protection requirements apply.

Advantages at a glance:

Standards for fire alarm systems

A fire alarm system must be installed in accordance with the requirements of DIN 14675 and DIN VDE 0833-1/2. After installation, a fire alarm system must be approved by an expert. These standards ensure that the system meets the highest safety standards.

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Maintenance is essential

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Regular inspections and maintenance are essential to guarantee functionality and ensure that the system reacts properly in an emergency. In detail, this means

  • 1x per quarter: visual inspection & inspection in accordance with DIN 14675
  • 1x per year: Maintenance in accordance with DIN 14675
  • Every 3 years: Periodic inspection by an expert in accordance with TPrüfV

Important: Documentation of the inspections in an operating log is mandatory.

A well-maintained and functioning fire alarm system is a decisive factor for the safety of people and property in buildings.

We are your certified specialist company

We offer a comprehensive package for the planning, installation and maintenance of your fire alarm system.

We analyze the local conditions, take care of official approvals and offer additional services such as the creation of fire department route maps, the installation of a fire department key depot and a fire department information center.

With a maintenance contract, we ensure that your system is always ready for operation.

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