Fire extinguisher recycling

We show how we dispose of powder extinguishers and reuse the extinguishing powder.n.

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5 June 2024 Fire Safety

Fire extinguishers are indispensable fire protection tools, but they also have a limited service life. As soon as they are no longer fit for use, proper fire extinguisher recycling is sensible and necessary. In this way, environmental pollution can be avoided and potential risks eliminated.

Disposal of fire extinguishers requires special care

Fire extinguishers can last a long time with regular maintenance. But when they have served their purpose, they must not simply be thrown away with the household waste. Many contain substances that can (still) harm the environment, such as foam or special additives. 

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How are fire extinguishers recycled?

Old fire extinguishers must be treated as hazardous waste. Local recycling centers can help with this, as can specialist fire protection companies. Recycling by specialist companies enables environmentally friendly recycling. Metal housings, riser pipes and plastic parts can be reused.

Disposing of powder extinguishers

The disposal of powder extinguishers is particularly interesting. An almost complete recycling cycle is possible. For example, the extinguishing powder can be used as fertilizer after professional processing.

Good to know: The extinguishing powder consists of certain substances that promote plant growth and can therefore be used as fertilizer.

Wie erfolgt das Feuerlöscher-Recycling-Pulverlöscher entsorgen-Dünger herstellen-CWS

Our commitment to the environment

At CWS Fire Safety, we are committed to ensuring that our fire extinguishers are returned to the recycling loop. The recycling of disused fire extinguishers is crucial for the protection of our environment. By recycling fire extinguishers, we can not only protect the environment, but also conserve valuable resources.

Our successes at a glance

In recent years, we have successfully disposed of and recycled thousands of fire extinguishers, including powder extinguishers. We have already recovered more than 140 tons of fertilizer from the powder extinguisher recycling process. We cooperate closely with specialized disposal companies.

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