Fire protection for pipework

We show how fire protection must be provided for pipework in order to prevent the spread of fire in the event of a fire.

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22 March 2024 Fire Safety

In modern buildings, numerous pipes run through walls and ceilings to ensure smooth operation. However, these pipes also pose a potential hazard if they run through fire compartment separations.

In the event of a fire, uncontrolled spread of fire and smoke across different fire compartments would be possible without a pipe penetration seal. The consequences are potentially devastating. Fire protection for pipework is therefore of crucial importance.

Fire protection for pipework in detail

Brandschutz für Rohrleitungen-CWS Fire Safety unterstützt

A building is normally divided into different fire compartments. If pipework is laid across different fire compartments, this requires additional measures. For example, pipe penetration seals must be used to ensure that the spread of fire and smoke through the pipes is prevented.

The fire protection for pipework must have the same fire resistance as the components forming the fire compartment through which the pipework runs. This means that the penetration seals used must meet the same high standards to ensure an effective fire barrier.

Types at a glance

Typically, different types of penetration seals are used for the fire protection of pipework. These include soft, mortar or cushion penetration seals as well as fire protection sleeves.

There are also combined penetration seals (e.g. fire protection bricks or plates), which make it possible to seal cables and pipes together in a fire-resistant manner. The various types are available in fire resistance classes F30 (fire-retardant) and F90 (fire-resistant).

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As experienced experts in the installation of fire protection measures for pipework, we are at your side. With years of experience and expertise, we install the necessary pipe penetration seals professionally and ensure that your building is optimally protected. You also receive comprehensive documentation that serves as proof for insurance companies. Fire protection for pipework is an investment in safety and the protection of human life and property.

Contact us today to find out more about our services and ensure that your building meets the highest fire protection standards.

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