Fire protection sliding doors

Fire protection sliding doors are visually appealing, space-saving and barrier-free.

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28 August 2023 Fire Safety

Fire protection sliding doors are an optimal solution for both meeting fire protection requirements and realising an aesthetically pleasing room concept. They require hardly any compromises in the building's appearance and at the same time allow barrier-free passage.

In addition, their space-saving design and low interference with operational processes make them a clever solution to conventional swing door drives.

Function of fire protection sliding doors

Sliding fire doors are always self-closing, as prescribed for all fire doors, by being coupled to a fire alarm system or an individual smoke detector. In the event of a fire alarm, the closing function of the fire protection sliding door is thus automatically triggered.

Possible places of employment:

  • Hospitals and doctors' surgeries
  • Retirement homes
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Laboratories
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Sliding door variants

Fire protection sliding doors are available with single or double-leaf elements. The automatic version reacts to approaching persons by means of radar detectors, manual pushbuttons, light curtains or sensor strips. It is recommended if doors are opened and closed frequently in everyday life. Exemplary areas of application for automatic sliding fire doors are therefore care facilities or hotels. Alternatively, "sleeping" doors (with manual operation) are possible, which are normally open in everyday life and only close automatically in case of fire.

Important: Fire protection sliding doors are subject to an annual inspection requirement. If they are located in escape and rescue routes, maintenance is even required every six months.

Advantages at a glance

Vorteile Brandschutz Schiebetüren von CWS-Barrierefreiheit

Convenient in everyday life thanks to touch-free opening and thus barrier-free accessibility


Vorteile Brandschutz Schiebetüren von CWS-Keine Komprisse in der Optik

No compromises in building appearance, optional use as smoke divider also possible

Vorteile Brandschutz Schiebetüren von CWS-Platzsparend

Optimum use of space due to space-saving design

Vorteile Brandschutz Schiebetüren von CWS-Brandabschluss

Reliable fire and/or smoke barrier

CWS supports

As a full-service provider in preventive fire protection, our experts provide support in the installation (incl. electrical work) and maintenance of sliding fire doors. The portfolio includes high-quality doors from renowned manufacturers that meet the legal requirements.

Fire protection sliding doors from CWS at a glance:

  • Various decors (wood, steel, stainless steel, glass), colours and lacquer finishes (matt to high-gloss), optionally with light cut-out.
  • Optional additional functions (smoke protection (RS), sound insulation, burglary protection)
  • T30, T60 etc.
  • Standard or special dimensions
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