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We offer fire safety assistant courses throughout Germany to train your employees to become qualified fire safety assistants.

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28 May 2024 Fire Safety

In every company, large or small, the safety of employees is the top priority. An important part of this safety is fire protection. Fire safety assistants play a crucial role in this by acting quickly and competently in the event of an emergency. 

Fire safety assistant course

An indispensable necessity for companies

According to ASR and ArbSchG, companies are obliged to protect their employees from hazards such as fires. Fire safety assistants are indispensable. They must be able to fight a fire, initiate an evacuation and take first aid measures. Their training is therefore not only recommended, but in many cases required by law.

Fire safety assistant course: structure and content

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A fire safety assistant course is designed to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

At the beginning, the theoretical phase teaches the correct behavior in the event of a fire, how fire protection equipment works and effective firefighting strategies.

This is followed by the practical implementation phase, in which the course participants can apply the knowledge they have learned in realistic scenarios. This also includes an extinguishing exercise with fire extinguishers in order to learn how to use these devices safely. In addition, special fire scenarios are presented as part of the fire safety assistant course. These usually include demonstrations of grease and spray can explosions.

Our offer for you

As a specialist fire safety company, we offer fire safety assistant courses throughout Germany to support companies in fulfilling their legal obligations. Our training is provided by qualified trainers who are DGUV-certified and have many years of experience in fire safety.

Our fire safety assistant course is based on the applicable standards and regulations, including §10 ArbSchG, ASR A2.2, VdS 2038 and DGUV. After successfully completing the fire safety course, participants receive official certificates that are recognized by insurers and authorities.

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Your safety is important to us

CWS Fire Safety GmbH is a leading provider of preventive fire protection. With over 20 locations and more than 800 employees, we offer comprehensive solutions in plant engineering, structural and organizational fire protection. Our fire safety assistant courses are part of our commitment to increasing safety in companies and ensuring effective fire protection.

Contact us today to find out more about our fire safety assistant courses and get a no-obligation quote.

We will be happy to help you train your employees to become qualified fire safety assistants to ensure safety in the workplace.

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