Fire safety assistants in the office

Fire safety assistants are also essential in the office!

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23 April 2024 Fire Safety

In every office, there are potential hazards that can affect the safety of employees. One of these hazards is the risk of fires, whether caused by electrical equipment or other causes. Fire safety assistants in the office are therefore also essential in order to be able to act quickly and effectively in the event of a fire. 

Requirements for fire safety assistants in the office

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In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, ASR A2.2 and DGUV Information 205-023, every employer is obliged to appoint employees who can take on first aid, firefighting and evacuation tasks.

The number of fire safety assistants depends on the number of employees and the fire risk. As a guideline, at least 5 percent of the workforce should be trained as fire safety assistants.

Although the risk of fire in the office is considered low compared to other working environments, there is still a risk, particularly from electrical equipment. Batteries, coffee machines, printers and other electronic devices can cause fires under certain circumstances, whether through overheating, short circuits or other malfunctions.

Appropriate training as an office fire safety assistant is essential in order to be prepared for such situations. These employees are prepared to react quickly and effectively in an emergency to protect lives and minimize damage.

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We train you... become a fire safety assistant in the office!

We offer fire safety assistant training courses throughout Germany to help companies meet their safety requirements. Our certified trainers not only impart theoretical knowledge to the participants, but also train them practically, including the handling of fire extinguishers on the fire trainer. Our training courses are designed to prepare future office fire safety assistants to act quickly and safely in an emergency. We would be happy to provide you with a customized quote for training your fire safety assistants on site. 

Contact us today to optimally prepare your employees for emergencies and ensure safety in the workplace!


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