Fire safety on New Year's Eve: Safe celebrations at the turn of the year

Find out how you can safely launch New Year's Eve rockets and ensure fire safety on New Year's Eve.

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27 December 2023 Fire Safety

New Year's Eve is a time of joy and celebration when we say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one. But this festive atmosphere can quickly be spoiled when accidents caused by fireworks occur. That's why it's important to find out about fire safety measures and take them to heart on New Year's Eve.

Fire safety on New Year's Eve: Our tips

Compliance with the following safety instructions and fire safety measures on New Year's Eve is crucial for a safe and happy New Year.

  • Purchasing approved fireworks: Only purchase tested and approved fireworks. Cheap illegal fireworks from the black market pose significant risks.
  • Choose safe firing locations: Fireworks should only be fired in suitable outdoor locations and at a sufficient distance from buildings, trees and crowds. Fireworks should not be lit from balconies or terraces.
  • Do not pick up and light unexploded bombs: Fire brigade objects (rockets and firecrackers) that have not (completely) ignited should not be picked up and lit again.
  • Be considerate: Be considerate of pets and people with sensitive ears by burning fireworks in moderation.
  • Avoid alcohol: Firecrackers and alcohol do not mix well. It is advisable to avoid alcoholic beverages when lighting fireworks.
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Launch New Year's Eve rockets safely

Silvester-Raketen sicher starten lassen

New Year's Eve rockets are one of the most impressive traditions at the turn of the year. However, in order for them to be safe and spectacular, the following tips should be followed:

  • Safe launch: New Year's Eve rockets belong in designated launchers that are firmly placed on level ground. Never hand-launch rockets as this is extremely dangerous.
  • Maintain distance: A sufficient safety distance of at least 10 meters must be maintained between the launch site and spectators, buildings or other obstacles.
  • Do not put in bottles: New Year's Eve rockets should never be put in bottles or other containers that may tip over. As an alternative, a drinks crate that is stable and secure can be used as a launching device.

Light and extinguish sparklers correctly

Sparklers are a popular choice for celebrations (e.g. New Year's Eve or weddings), especially in the hands of children. But there are also some fire protection and safety instructions to note here:

  • Keep your distance: Always keep sparklers at arm’s length away from your body and other people. In addition, they should never be held near the face as sparks can cause eye injuries.
  • Extinguish Burning Sparklers: After use, sparklers should be extinguished in a bucket of sand or water to ensure they are extinguished before being thrown away.
  • Do not plug together: Never attempt to connect sparklers together as this may result in uncontrollable sparks. Supervise children: Never let children handle sparklers alone.
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Important instructions

It is important to follow the instructions on the fireworks and sparklers carefully. They provide information on how you can safely launch New Year's Eve rockets and thus ensure safety on New Year's Eve. In addition, local laws and regulations regarding the use of fireworks must be observed, as these may vary depending on the region.

Sicherheit an Silvester an 1. Stelle

Safety first on New Year's Eve

Safety on New Year's Eve should always come first. Using fireworks responsibly can help prevent accidents and fires, making New Year's Eve a safe and joyful celebration. With this in mind: Happy New Year!

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