Fire safety officer refresher training: How often?

Optimum safety through regular fire safety officer refresher training.


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15 March 2024 Fire Safety

Effective fire protection is crucial in any working environment. Fire safety assistants, who are responsible for fighting potential fires and coordinating evacuation in the event of an emergency, form a central pillar. However, simply designating them is not enough; regular fire safety officer training is essential to keep their knowledge up to date.

Advanced training: Contents

Further training for fire safety assistants serves to update theoretical knowledge and sharpen practical skills. For example, legal principles, firefighting techniques and the correct use of fire protection equipment are repeated.

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Fire safety officer refresher training: How often?

A time frame of between 3 and 5 years is considered ideal for fire safety assistant refresher training.

However, this period should be shortened in the event of significant changes in the company, be it a reorganization, new processes with changed fire hazards or even a previous fire incident.

Regular training of fire safety assistants is not only important for safety within the company, but also for compliance with regulations and validity vis-à-vis insurance companies and employers' liability insurance associations.

At the same time, a company that regularly trains its fire safety assistants demonstrates its commitment to safety while minimizing the risk of potential damage from fires.

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Questions & Answers

Advanced training for fire protection assistants

What does the fire safety assistant refresher course involve?

The training covers both theoretical and practical aspects. While legal principles and behavior in the event of a fire are repeated in theory, the handling of fire extinguishers is practiced again in practice and the firefighting procedure is trained.

This combination of theory and practice ensures that fire safety assistants are optimally prepared for emergencies.

How often is it necessary to train fire safety assistants?

The employer is responsible for determining the interval for fire safety assistant training based on a risk assessment and the individual needs of the company. In principle, an interval of 3 to 5 years should be aimed for.

Why is regular training important?

Investing in regular fire safety training is not only a matter of safety, but also an investment in the future of the company. Regular training ensures that the company can react quickly and appropriately in the event of a fire and helps to minimize potential damage.

Where can fire safety assistant training take place?

Fire safety assistant refresher training can be provided by certified training providers - such as CWS Fire Safety GmbH. We offer regular dates at our locations throughout Germany. If required, we can also come to your company and train your employees on site.

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