Five years of CWS Fire Safety

The CWS fire safety and security technology solution celebrates its 5th birthday in September. We look at the current developments and what's to come in the future.

Fünfter Geburtstag CWS Fire Safety

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4 September 2023 Fire Safety

Five years of CWS Fire Safety

The protection of people, property and the environment has been the focus of CWS Fire Safety GmbH for 5 years now. The company, which specialises in fire protection and security technology, will celebrate its fifth birthday in 2023.

From regional to beyond the borders of Germany

The official start of CWS Fire Safety GmbH was on 04.09.2018. The first years were characterised by rapid growth. Only 5 years later, CWS Fire Safety already has 21 branches in Germany and 2 locations in the Netherlands. For 2023, a turnover of around € 80 million with around 700 employees is expected.

From fire protection to security technology

Since 2021, security technology has found its way into CWS Fire Safety and perfectly complements the fire protection sector. This primarily includes fire alarm systems, but also intrusion alarm systems, video surveillance systems as well as time and access control systems. In addition, the area of extinguishing water technology has grown further. Our experts can now address very individual fire protection challenges in the supply of extinguishing water as well as the hygienic separation of drinking and extinguishing water.

From small to very large sustainable solutions

Enkelfähigkeit plays a particularly important role in all our products and solutions. "Sustainable action should give future generations a chance. To this end, we are adapting our product and service portfolio," says Simone Kruse, Lead Product Management & Sales Projects. This includes, for example:

  • Conversion of foam extinguishers to environmentally friendly fluorine-free extinguishers
  • Establishment of water mist extinguishing systems. These not only require less space and energy than sprinkler systems, they also use 60-80% less water and extinguish at least as well. 
  • Promoting the circular economy by recycling ABC extinguishing powder fire extinguishers. Up to 100 % of the fire extinguisher can be recycled, e.g. as raw material for the steel industry. The ABC extinguishing powder is treated and processed in special equipment and can then be used as an approved NPK fertiliser for agriculture.

From 2023 to 2028

What is the outlook for CWS Fire Safety in the next 5 years? We asked our Managing Director Dr Ulrich Schild about this: "We are working on becoming the leading company in Europe in the field of fire protection and security technology. Corresponding discussions are underway with potential partnerships." In addition, Dr. Schild adds: "In the future, we will also set up our own training centres for our employees in other countries, similar to the Fire Safety Academy in Rödermark. This will ensure regular further training for our employees as well as a consistently high quality for our customers.

Editor's note: We ourselves are very curious to see how the alignment will look in 5 years. But what we can already say now, we are proud of the last 5 years and look forward to the further steps towards becoming Europe's leading company for fire protection and safety technology. By the way, 2 years ago we reported on our third birthday: 3 years Fire protection solution CWS Fire Safety | CWS

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