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3 January 2023 Fire Safety

Fire doors are designed to prevent the spread of fire in an emergency and to keep escape and rescue routes free of smoke. They thus form an important pillar in the fire protection of most buildings.

Consequently, the professional installation of fire doors is also essential for building safety. Incorrect installation of fire doors can have serious consequences. Learn more about regulations, costs and our service for the installation of fire doors in your building.

When is it necessary to install fire doors?

The installation of a fire door is required if (state) building regulations, special building regulations or the fire protection concept demand fire protection closures in a building. Alternatively, fire protection doors and curtains can also be installed as fire protection closures.

>>> Overview of CWS fire protection closures

Good to know: The building regulations specify which fire door you have to install. Our experts will be happy to help you make the right choice of fire doors in your building - without compromising on aesthetics.

Wann ist es erforderlich Brandschutztüren einbauen zu lassen

What are the installation regulations for fire doors?

Feuerschutztüren einbauen - T30, T60, T90 - Welche Einbauvorschriften gibt es für Brandschutztüren

The installation of fire doors is subject to various guidelines and projects. Furthermore, the installation of fire doors depends on the suitability and type of building wall (concrete, brick or drywall). In addition, the individual manufacturer's specifications must be observed.

Typical mistakes when installing fire doors are:

  • Incorrect installation of the door frame
  • Incorrect back blocking of the door frame
  • Use of non-approved material for the back-bracing of the door frame and other fastenings.
  • Missing gasket or gaskets without manufacturer's approval
  • Use of assembly foam without manufacturer's approval

Who is allowed to install fire doors?

In principle, anyone can install a fire door as long as the installation instructions are followed. However, it is recommended to have the installation of fire doors carried out by a certified specialist company. This ensures that the installation regulations for your fire doors are met and that the frame, fire door, seals and possible additions (e.g. hold-open systems) are installed properly.

Good to know: Incorrect installation of fire doors can lead to the loss of insurance cover in the event of a fire.

In addition, certified installation companies for fire doors offer you a wide range of choices so that you can protect your building without compromising on aesthetics.

Wer darf Brandschutztüren einbauen - CWS Fire Safety

Which fire doors are available?

Brandschutztür einbauen lassen vom Profi - CWS Fire Safety

Fire doors are available in various materials and fire resistance classes (T30, T60, T90, T120) for a wide range of applications. There are fire doors made of steel, glass, aluminium or wood.

CWS offers you a wide portfolio of fire doors from various brand manufacturers so that your building meets the fire protection requirements without compromising on aesthetics. >>> CWS portfolio at a glance


Let the certified installation company install fire doors in your building. Contact our experts now.

The installation service from CWS

CWS is a certified installation company for fire doors from various brand manufacturers, e.g. Hörmann, Novoferm, Priorit, Schörghuber and Schüco. Let our professionals install your fire doors - we are at your service throughout Germany.

Request a non-binding offer now or arrange a consultation appointment for professional installation of fire doors.

We offer fire doors for all fire resistance classes (T30 - T120) and wall types (concrete, brick or drywall). We are also happy to install additional components such as swing door drives, hold-open systems or escape door terminals.

Brandschutztüren einbauen lassen - Der Montage-Service von CWS

Your advantages with CWS

What are the costs for the installation of fire doors?

The costs for the installation of fire doors vary depending on the size, type and installation location of the door. Additional costs may be incurred for dismantling and disposing of old fire doors as well as for additional adaptation work, e.g. when enlarging or reducing the wall opening.

We will be happy to provide you with an individual quotation for the installation of fire doors in your building. Contact us now.

What are the requirements after the installation of a fire door?

Welche Anforderungen bestehen nach dem Einbau einer Brandschutztür - CWS Fire Safety

Fire doors must be functional at all times. Consequently, fire doors must be inspected by an expert once a year after installation or according to the manufacturer's specifications. The technical rules for workplaces, DIN 14666, DGUV and DIBt guidelines, among others, must be observed.

Good to know: Installing and inspecting fire doors is part of the daily routine of our service technicians. After the installation of fire doors, we are happy to support you with the regular maintenance of your fire doors.

Do you still have questions about the installation of fire doors?

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