Low pressure vs. high pressure water mist extinguishing system

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Niederdruck- vs. Hochdruck-Wassernebel-Löschanlage-CWS Fire Safety

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25 July 2023 Fire Safety

Low-pressure and high-pressure water mist extinguishing systems are an equally efficient but also environmentally friendly alternative to classic sprinkler systems in many areas of application. In particular, the lower water requirement reduces both the extinguishing water supply and possible damage in the event of a triggering. In addition, this also reduces the pump size and the electrical connected load, especially in low-pressure systems.

What is a low pressure & high pressure water mist extinguishing system?

High-pressure water mist extinguishing systems work with an operating pressure of up to 200 bar. Consequently, a very fine water mist with a droplet size of 50 µm results. Thus, the reaction surface of the water is enormously large, which considerably reduces the extinguishing water consumption.

In comparison, a low-pressure water mist system works with a much lower operating pressure (up to 16 bar).

    Learn more about how water mist systems work now.

Was versteht man unter Niederdruck- Hochdruck-Wassernebel-Löschanlage-CWS
Niederdruck- und Hochdrucknebellöschanlage sind vielseitig einsetzbar-CWS
Advantages of low-pressure / high-pressure mist extinguishing systems vs. sprinkler and gas extinguishing systems

Both low-pressure and high-pressure mist extinguishing systems take advantage of extremely small water droplets. This makes them a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional sprinkler and gas extinguishing systems.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Environmentally friendly
    Water savings of 60 - 80 % compared to sprinkler systems.
  • Cost-efficient
    Small system components allow quick installation.
  • Fewer operational interruptions
    Water mist system is quickly ready for operation again and is non-toxic.

Low pressure vs. high pressure water mist

The mode of operation of low-pressure and high-pressure water mist extinguishing systems is very similar. In addition, low-pressure has the same performance as high-pressure water mist extinguishing systems. For example, both systems meet the requirements of DIN EN 14972 based on fire tests.

Low pressure is the future

Compared to high-pressure water mist extinguishing systems, low-pressure systems offer various advantages:


Niederdruck- vs. Hochdruck-Wassernebel-Niederdruck ist die Zukunft-CWS
Niederdruck- vs. Hochdruck-Wassernebel-Geringerer Energiebedarf-CWS

Low energy demand
Low-pressure systems require less electrical connection power compared to sprinkler and high-pressure water mist extinguishing systems.

Niederdruck- vs. Hochdruck-Wassernebel-Geringere Kosten-CWS Fire Safety

Smaller space requirement & weight
A smaller water storage tank and smaller pipe network are required. Consequently, the space saved can be used elsewhere and costs saved in the long term.

Niederdruck- vs. Hochdruck-Wassernebel-Ästhetischer Brandschutz-CWS

Aesthetic fire protection
Nozzles in various colours and designs for fire protection without compromising aesthetics.

Niederdruck- vs. Hochdruck-Wassernebel-Einfachere Montage-CWS Fire Safety

Simpler installation
Due to the smaller space requirement, the installation and retrofitting of low-pressure systems is more cost-effective and thus easier to implement in existing buildings.

CWS supports you

CWS berät sie gerne zum Einsatz von Niederdruck- und Hochdruck-Wassernebel

The experts at CWS Fire Safety will be happy to advise you on the use of low-pressure and high-pressure water mist extinguishing systems. Together with our cooperation partner VID Fire-Kill, we plan and install water mist extinguishing systems in accordance with EN 14972-1:2020.

Learn more about the low-pressure and high-pressure fog extinguishing system from CWS.

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