Make your Advent wreath fireproof

Find out how to make your Advent wreath fire-safe.

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15 November 2023 Fire Safety

Advent is a time of anticipation, contemplation and cosiness. A central part of this time is the Advent wreath with its four candles, which are gradually lit to count down the weeks until Christmas. But unfortunately the romance of candles can also become dangerous if you neglect fire protection. It is therefore important to make the Advent wreath fireproof.

This is how you make the Advent wreath fire-safe.

Adventskranz brandsicher gestalten-Brandschutz an Weihnachten-CWS Fire Safety

1. Choose the right surface: Make sure to place the Advent wreath on a non-flammable surface. A fireproof plate is ideal here. This will prevent sparks from spreading to combustible material.

2. Use candle holders: Make sure candles are in secure, sturdy holders. These should be heat resistant and hold the candles straight and firmly to prevent them from tipping over.

3. Maintain distance: Make sure that there is enough distance between the candles so that they do not touch each other or come into contact with other flammable objects (e.g. curtains).

4. Never leave burning candles unattended: Regardless of whether it is an Advent wreath or a Christmas tree - never leave burning candles unattended. A small moment of inattention can have fatal consequences.

5. Fire extinguisher nearby: It is always advisable to have a fire extinguisher nearby so that you can react quickly in an emergency. A bucket of water nearby can also help quickly extinguish a fire that starts. Quick intervention can prevent something worse from happening!

You can find more information about CWS fire extinguishers here.

Feuerlöscher für die Adventszeit - CWS Fire Safety

Advent and Christmas should be a time of joy and security. By following these simple fire safety measures, you can ensure that the Advent wreath is fire safe. So it remains a symbol of anticipation without becoming a risk. Make your Advent wreath fire-safe with our tips.

Enjoy the run-up to Christmas and celebrate the holidays safely and contemplatively!

Weitere Brandschutz-Tipps zur Adventszeit finden Sie in unserem Video!

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