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Bio-Feuerlöscher mit Schaum-Bio-Schaumlöscher-CWS Fire Safety

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28 February 2024 Fire Safety

Fire extinguishers with foam are an indispensable tool in fire protection. However, while they can effectively fight fires, conventional fire extinguishers with foam often have a hidden disadvantage: their ingredients can be harmful to the environment and health.

Most of these extinguishers contain poly- and perfluorinated chemicals, which are not only harmful to the environment but also pose health risks. For this reason, the European Union has already set limits for substances such as perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) and a complete ban on these substances is imminent. It is therefore time to think about alternative solutions.

Gründe für Bio-Schaumlöscher-CWS Fire Safety

Bio foam extinguisher

Bio-Schaumlöscher-CWS Fire Safety

Bio-foam extinguishers are a promising option. Not only do they provide effective firefighting, they are also fluorine-free and biodegradable.

Accordingly, bio-foam fire extinguishers meet the strict European directives by dispensing with perfluorinated surfactants and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Advantages: Bio fire extinguishers with foam

The biggest advantage of bio fire extinguishers with foam is their environmental friendliness and their effectiveness in fighting fires. They can effectively extinguish both class A fires (solid and organic materials such as wood, paper and textiles) and class B fires (liquid and liquidizing materials such as paints, tar and petrol) without limiting performance compared to conventional extinguishers with foam.

They are also particularly suitable for use indoors and in the vicinity of electrical installations, as they do not cause any visual obstructions and result in no or only minimal extinguishing damage. Bio-foam extinguishers are therefore an ideal solution for offices, retail spaces, public buildings, airports and similar environments.

Vorteile-Bio-Feuerlöschern mit Schaum-CWS Fire Safety

Don't forget maintenance

The maintenance of bio-foam extinguishers is also important to ensure that they work properly in an emergency. In accordance with DIN 14406, they should be inspected by an expert at least every two years. Fire protection experts - such as CWS Fire Safety GmbH - offer this service, ensuring the safety and reliability of these sustainable solutions.

Bio-Feuerloescher mit Schaum-Wartung nicht vergessen-CWS Fire Safety

Switch now!

Bio-foam extinguishers offer an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional foam extinguishers without compromising on fire-fighting effectiveness. By eliminating fluorine additives, they contribute to environmental protection and sustainability while ensuring safety in a variety of environments.

It's time to commit to a sustainable future, and bio-foam extinguishers are an important step in the right direction.

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