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Organisational fire protection complements measures in structural and plant fire protection. Learn more now.

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26 April 2023 Fire Safety

Organisational fire protection includes measures that supplement the structural and technical fire protection measures. The aim is also to prevent fires as far as possible and to protect people and property in the event of a fire.

Consequently, this is the third pillar of preventive fire protection.

Organisational fire protection: Goal

Organisational fire protection focuses on the "human factor". Accordingly, the focus is on the company's fire protection organisation. Thus, the implementation of company organisational fire protection is the responsibility of the employer.

Objectives at a glance:

  • Minimisation of fire hazards
  • Limitation of personal injury and property damage in the event of fire
  • Safe evacuation of persons in case of emergency
Organisatorischer Brandschutz-Maßnahmen und Ziel-CWS Fire Safety

Organisational fire protection: measures

Organisatorischer Brandschutz ist eine Gemeinschaftsaufgabe-CWS Fire Safety

The fire protection organisation in the company forms the basis of organisational fire protection. Consequently, the appointment of fire safety officers as well as fire safety and evacuation assistants are essential measures. Furthermore, organisational fire protection should prepare all employees specifically for an incident. Therefore, regular fire safety instruction and evacuation drills with all employees are important.

Important: Organisational fire protection is a joint task of all employees!

The behaviour of each employee contributes to reducing fire hazards and minimising personal injury and property damage in the event of a fire. For example, a wedged fire door is ineffective, a blocked emergency exit door is unusable or a fire extinguisher is useless without staff instruction.

Furthermore, the preparation of risk assessments, fire protection regulations and fire protection plans are also essential components of organisational fire protection. The measures in organisational fire protection are based on various regulations. These include the Technical Rules for Workplaces (ASR A2.2) as well as various DIN specifications and DGUV information.


Organisational fire protection in detail

Fire Safety Officer

A fire protection officer identifies risks, recommends fire protection measures and advises a company on legally secured fire protection. It is not mandatory for all companies, but it is recommended.
A fire safety officer can be appointed internally or externally. However, an external fire safety officer has years of practical experience and advises without being "blinded by the company".

Learn more about external fire protection officers from CWS.


Fire protection and evacuation assistants

As a rule, at least 5 % of a company's employees must be trained as fire protection and evacuation assistants. They provide support in organisational fire protection in everyday life and in case of fire. For example, they check fire protection equipment, fight incipient fires and evacuate people in an emergency. CWS offers training as fire protection and evacuation assistants throughout Germany.

View dates for training as a fire protection and evacuation assistant at CWS now.

Fire safety instruction

Fire protection training is required once a year for all employees in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. All employees learn the correct behaviour in the event of a fire and how to use fire protection equipment.

Fire protection regulations

The fire safety regulations summarise rules of conduct for persons in case of fire and measures to prevent fires. The specifications for the creation are regulated in DIN 14096. In addition, a regular review based on country-specific regulations is required.

Our experts will be happy to support you in creating and updating fire safety regulations. Contact us now.

Fire protection plans

Fire protection plans are an essential building block in fire protection. They provide orientation in the event of fire for persons present in the building as well as for the fire brigade.

CWS creates, checks and updates the following fire protection plans:

  • Escape and rescue plans
  • Fire brigade plans
  • Fire brigade maps
  • Seating plans
  • Special plans


Organisational fire protection from CWS

CWS supports you holistically in preventive fire protection so that you comply with both legal regulations and insurance requirements.

Organisational fire protection is therefore part of our range of services in addition to the planning, installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment. For example, we offer training as fire protection and evacuation assistants throughout Germany. In addition, we are happy to carry out fire protection instruction in your company or provide you with external fire protection officers.

Organisational fire protection: Our service portfolio

Fire protection assistant training

External fire protection officer

Fire protection instruction

Conception of fire protection regulations

Fire inspection and risk assessment


Organisatorischer Brandschutz-Schulungen-CWS Fire Safety

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