Preventive fire safety: basics, objectives and regulations

Preventive fire safety aims to prevent a fire from starting and spreading. Learn more now.

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9 October 2022 Fire Safety

Preventive fire protection - definition

Preventive fire protection focuses on preventive measures to prevent the development of a fire. At the same time, preventive fire protection measures pursue the goal of averting the spread of fire and thus reducing fire damage.

In this way, preventive fire protection should ensure the safety of people as well as the protection of the environment and property. The framework for the respective measures in preventive fire protection is set by legislators and insurers, among others.

Which three areas belong to preventive fire safety?

Preventive fire safety is divided into three areas:

The implementation of the three areas of preventive fire protection must be based on various laws, guidelines, standards and regulations. These include the model building code, the state building codes, local authorities (e.g. fire brigade) as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Workplace Ordinance.

Technical fire protection

Technical fire protection uses various fire protection measures to detect fires at an early stage (e.g. by means of smoke detectors or a fire alarm system) and to prevent their spread (e.g. by means of extinguishing systems). For example, the following are part of the technical fire protection system

  • Fire extinguishers & extinguishing systems
  • Smoke & heat extraction system
  • Smoke detectors & fire alarm systems
  • Wall, underground & above-ground hydrants
  • Safety lighting & signs

Important: Preventive fire protection in the technical area requires regular maintenance and testing of the systems by experts in order to maintain their functionality. Click here for an overview of the most important fire protection maintenance.

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Organisational fire protection

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Organisational fire protection focuses on training employees to prevent fires and to act quickly and correctly in the event of an emergency. At the same time, organisational fire protection focuses on the organisation and control of operational fire protection. Thus, organisational fire protection includes, among other things:

  • Fire protection officers (internal or external)
  • Fire safety instruction
  • Training of fire protection and evacuation assistants
  • Fire protection plans and regulations

Overall, this is a supplement to preventive fire protection measures in the structural and technical areas.

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CWS provides training for your employees throughout Germany or provides you with an experienced fire protection officer.

Structural fire protection

Preventive structural fire protection includes requirements for building components and materials according to fire resistance classes, fire compartments within a building as well as the design of escape and rescue routes.

The basis for this is formed by building law and occupational health and safety requirements of the authorities for new construction, renovation or change of use of a building.

Good to know: Structural fire protection overlaps with preventive fire protection in the area of systems engineering, e.g. for the formation of fire compartments by means of fire doors and gates.

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Preventive, defensive fire protection - the difference

Preventive fire protection includes preventive measures to stop fires from starting and spreading. In contrast, defensive fire protection comes into play when a fire has occurred despite preventive fire protection measures. Thus, defensive fire protection includes all measures taken by the fire brigade to extinguish the fire and keep damage to a minimum.

Good to know: The better the preventive fire protection measures, the smaller the need for defensive fire protection.

Preventive fire protection from CWS

CWS Fire Safety is your partner for preventive fire protection measures throughout Germany. Our fire protection experts support you in all three areas of preventive fire protection, whether fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, fire protection training or structural fire protection.

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