Rules for handling fire

Fire is fascinating, but what rules should be observed when dealing with fire? Learn more now.

Sicherheitsregeln im Umgang mit Feuer-CWS Fire Safety

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9 June 2023 Fire Safety

Fire is fascinating, whether it is candles in everyday life, the campfire in the garden or the fireworks on New Year's Eve. At the same time, however, the element of fire also harbours considerable risks. It is therefore essential to observe certain rules when dealing with fire.

The most important rules for dealing with fire should be taught at an early age and repeated regularly. Discussing the safety rules for dealing with fire is already highly relevant in kindergarten and primary school.

Rules for handling fire: an overview

Regeln im Umgang mit Feuer-CWS Fire Safety

The most important rule in handling: Never leave fires unattended.

In addition, candles or burning bowls should always be placed in a stable position, protected from the wind and on a fireproof base. It is also important to keep a safe distance from flammable materials (e.g. curtains).

In addition, matches, lighters, etc. should be stored safely and, above all, out of reach of children. Finally, suitable extinguishing agents - such as a bucket of water or a suitable fire extinguisher - should also be available at home in case of an emergency.

Important: Never extinguish kitchen and grease fires with water! Learn more about how to extinguish grease fires properly.

Fire safety education is compulsory!

Children must learn the safety rules for dealing with fire and the correct behaviour in case of fire as early as possible. Active fire safety education by parents as well as in kindergarten and school is therefore indispensable.


Regeln im Umgang mit Feuer-Brandschutzerziehung ist Pflicht-CWS Fire Safety

Teach safety rules for dealing with fire in the best way!

Sicherheitsregeln im Umgang mit Feuer vermitteln-CWS Fire Safety

First of all, adults should act as role models for children. Furthermore, the use of fire should not be generally prohibited for children, as a ban increases curiosity. Instead, the positive and negative aspects of fire should be communicated in a child-friendly way. In detail this means

  • Pointing out the dangers of fire
  • Explaining which materials are (not) flammable
  • Explaining how environmental influences (e.g. wind) affect a fire.
  • Explaining and practising how to light a candle safely (ideally with a stick lighter).
  • Explain and practise how to behave correctly in the event of a fire.
  • Explain and practise how to make an emergency call correctly.


Use the "Children's emergency card" to illustrate to children the rules for dealing with fire and the correct behaviour in case of fire.

Here you can find more tips for fire safety education.

Rules for handling fire-CWS Fire Safety

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