Types of fire dampers: an overview

A look at the variety of fire dampers.

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16 May 2024 Fire Safety

Fire dampers are crucial components in buildings to prevent the spread of smoke and flames via ventilation systems in the event of a fire. They are available in various designs, depending on the requirements and conditions of the building.

In this article, we take a closer look at the different types of fire dampers and how they work.

  • Fire dampers with fusible link
  • Fire dampers with motor or fire protection cap with smoke release direction
  • Fire dampers with cold smoke barrier
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Fire dampers with fusible link

Fire dampers with fusible link (mechanical release) work on a thermal basis. A special solder material melts at a certain temperature, triggering the spring-operated mechanism that closes the damper.

These dampers react to high temperatures and are particularly effective in areas with a potentially high fire risk, such as industrial facilities or storage rooms.

Fire dampers with motor (electric)

These dampers are equipped with an electric motor that closes them automatically in the event of a fire. Sensors detect the rise in temperature or smoke and trigger the motor or holding or impulse magnets to close the damper.

Fire dampers with a motor or smoke trigger offer a fast response time and require little human intervention. 

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Fire dampers with cold smoke barrier

Fire dampers with cold smoke barriers are designed to prevent the spread of smoke until the thermal fire dampers are activated.

They function without energy supply when the ventilation system fan is at a standstill.

Types of fire dampers in practice

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In which area which type of fire damper is appropriate depends on various factors, including

  • the type of building
  • the use, the potential fire risk and
  • the legal regulations.

In large public buildings such as shopping centers, airports or hospitals, fire dampers with an electric motor or cold smoke barrier are often the most common, as they offer a quick response and effective smoke control.

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For industrial facilities or warehouses, fire dampers with a fusible link are often the best choice due to the increased fire risk and potentially high temperatures.

In smaller office buildings or residential buildings, fire dampers with mechanical release can be a cost-effective and reliable option.

Don't forget maintenance!

Regardless of the type of fire damper, regular maintenance and inspection is essential to ensure that they function properly in an emergency. 

Do you still have questions about the fire damper types?

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