What is fire safety?

What is fire protection? Find out all about prevention and legal requirements. 

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10 June 2024 Fire Safety

Whether at home, at work or in public buildings - implementing effective fire protection measures can save lives and minimize damage. But what exactly does the term “fire safety” mean? And what needs to be considered when it comes to fire safety?

What is fire safety?

Fire safety is more than just having fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. It is a holistic approach that aims to prevent fires, minimize their effects and protect people, buildings and assets.

Fire safety encompasses a wide range of measures that can be both preventive and defensive.

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What is preventive fire safety?

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Prevention is the key

Preventive fire safety forms the foundation. It focuses on preventing fires in the first place or at least minimizing their effects.

This includes measures such as the installation of smoke detectors, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers and fire doors. These devices serve to detect and fight fires at an early stage, before they can spread.

What is included in preventive fire safety?

Preventive fire safety focuses on preventing fires in advance and is divided into 3 areas. These include

Structural fire safety

This includes the use of fire-resistant materials in the construction of buildings and the installation of fire protection closures (e.g. fire doors or fire dampers).

Technical fire safety

These include systems such as sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire detection systems, which help to detect and fight fires at an early stage.

Organizational fire safety

This includes the development of evacuation plans, training for employees and regular fire drills to ensure an appropriate response in the event of an emergency.

Excursus: Defensive fire safety

Defensive fire safety refers to measures to fight fires after they have already broken out. The focus is therefore on firefighting by the fire department.

What needs to be considered when it comes to fire safety?

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When it comes to fire safety, it is important to think holistically and take various aspects into account:

  • Risk analysis: 
    Every building and every situation is unique. A thorough risk analysis is the first step in identifying suitable fire protection measures.
  • Compliance with regulations: 
    Compliance with all relevant regulations and legal requirements regarding fire safety is crucial.
  • Regular maintenance: 
    Fire safety equipment must be regularly maintained and inspected to ensure that it will function properly in the event of an emergency.
  • Training and awareness: 
    Employees should be informed about fire safety measures and receive regular training to enable them to respond correctly in an emergency.

Specifications for fire protection measures in Germany

In Germany, there are a large number of regulations and guidelines that govern fire safety. These include the Model Building Code (MBO), the Technical Rules for Workplaces (ASR), the Workplace Ordinance (ArbStättV) and the DIN standards.

These regulations specify which measures are required in which buildings and situations in order to ensure adequate fire safety.

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