Overpressure system

SÜLA systems prevent smoke from entering stairwells and fire brigade lifts, they keep escape and rescue routes smoke-free.

Overpressure system

Overpressure system


  • Support from CWS fire protection officer
  • Installation
  • Consulting
  • Maintenance
  • Acceptance
  • Planning & project engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Instruction / Training


  • Triggered by a smoke detector
  • Functional capability ensured by replacement power supply

Overpressure system - advice, installation & maintenance

Overpressure systems, also known as safety overpressure ventilation systems, prevent smoke from entering stairwells. In the event of fire, they thus ensure that escape routes remain usable and those present can safely leave the building. They also facilitate the operations of the fire brigade.

An overpressure system is a special blower that forces large quantities of air into certain building areas. They are triggered fully automatically by smoke detectors which monitor the entire staircase in question. In the event of activation, the overpressure system generates an overpressure of 15-50 Pa, thus preventing smoke from entering the escape route. The system operates via an electrical control system with a backup power supply or sprinkler circuit.

Overpressure systems are used in security areas and internal stairwells, such as in high-rise buildings. In addition, overpressure systems are often used in fire brigade lifts, as these must be smoke-free in the event of a fire.

Please note: Every overpressure system must be inspected by an expert and serviced by a competent person once a year. In this context, CWS Fire Safety offers you the CWS all-round carefree package: We analyse the situation on-site for you and implement the professional installation of the overpressure systems. In addition, we would be pleased to take over the maintenance of your overpressure system.


  • Smoke-free stairwells, which serve as escape and rescue routes
  • Possible use in fire brigade lifts

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