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Consulting, Planning & Documentation

Optimal fire protection requires the right advice, planning and execution in and around the building. We are happy to take care of every step - right up to the official documentation.

 Fire Safety is multifaceted

Complex fire safety requirements must be observed. Fire safety installations must be certified and regularly maintained. Each step along the way requires proper documentation for the authorities and insurance providers. In addition, fire safety regulations change continuously. We’re here to help with our comprehensive fire safety consulting, planning and documentation services.

What you can expect from us

Reliably high quality

Systems for quality assurance and continuous training ensure that our fire safety expertise remains at the cutting edge of the industry–for over 120 years, in fact.

Fire safety solutions from a single source

Fire safety is a broad field of which consulting is just one aspect. We also cover fire safety planning, implementation, documentation and maintenance.

Digital workflows and documentation

With our digital solutions, everything runs like clockwork—legally compliant testing procedures, keeping deadlines and securing access to your digital fire safety records from anywhere.

Germany-wide network

We are established nationwide and more branches are being added continuously. This means that we are always nearby to support you when you need a helping hand in person.

Personal contacts on site

Since some things can be done quicker and more efficiently on site, our regional offices are open Monday to Friday. There is a dedicated contact person for each fire safety installation.


We will advise you on all aspects of fire safety, as well as plan and document the appropriate measures together with you.

Additional Fire Safety solutions

CWS Solution Fire Safety Installation Abnahme

Installation & inspection

More about how a fire safety system is implemented and prepared for inspection.

CWS Solution Fire Safety Wartung Instandhaltung

Maintenance & servicing

We test the functionality of fire extinguishers and other similar equipment and repair any faults.

CWS Solution Fire Safety Brandschutz Schulung

Fire Safety training

We prepare your employees in case of emergency.

CWS Benefit Fire Safety external View

Fire Safety Officer

Our professional can identify, assess and eliminate fire safety risks.

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