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Smoke and heat ventilation systems for safe emergency evacuation and rescue routes

Smoke ventilation systems protect people, the environment and property, dissipating smoke and heat quickly. They help keep emergency evacuation and rescue routes smoke-free, reduce the environmental impact, keep the building structure stable and enable the fire department to put out the fire more efficiently.

Smoke and heat vents are often required

Smoke vents and smoke and heat ventilation systems are required by countries’ building regulations, fire safety and prevention designs, insurance companies and building permits. Smoke vents are installed in stairwells. Smoke and heat ventilation systems are required in buildings that call for a low-smoke layer if there is a fire. These include industrial buildings with production or storage facilities.  They prevent hazardous gases from accumulating, rooms from becoming too hot and fires from spreading. Smoke and heat ventilation systems help people evacuate. These systems also assist in firefighting and rescue work.


From consultation to maintenance: CWS provides a competent comprehensive service. We will gladly also prepare an offer for you.

Performing the calculations for and deciding on the smoke and heat ventilation system

The deciding factor is the surface area of the roof, windows and facade. This information is ascertained by the fitter using geometric and aerodynamic parameters, room height and the required low-smoke layer. In this case, the applicable standards include DIN 18232 and DIN EN 12101. To ensure the smoke vent openings are large enough and the smoke and heat ventilation system operates as intended, a large number of influencing factors are taken into consideration in the calculation. We here at CWS Fire Safety have the right experts for such tasks with our fire safety and prevention experts and expert engineers.

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We offer individualised all-round service

Protecting people

Smoke and heat ventilation systems ensure that emergency escape and rescue routes are usable by quickly dissipating smoke and heat.

Minimal maintenance

We provide automatic reminders for the yearly required maintenance.


We provide expert advice and, when necessary, call in fire safety and prevention professionals.

Comprehensive service

With CWS, you have access to consultations, planning, installation, maintenance and repair all from the same source.

Installation and approval of smoke vents

CWS installs smoke and heat ventilation systems with custom-fit ventilation openings. Installation includes all elements: We install the control unit, trigger, opening units, pipe system and backup power supply system for you. We also install the smoke and heat ventilation system in conjunction with other fire safety and prevention equipment, such as fire alarms or sprinkler systems. Our fire safety and prevention experts will take care of everything and work closely with electrical, IT and other industry professionals. We will also take care of everything required to receive approval from the inspection.

Smoke vent maintenance and inspections

After receiving approval, we will set up regular maintenance and inspections. Smoke and heat ventilation systems must undergo yearly maintenance in accordance with DIN 18232 and VdS/CEA-Richtlinie 4020. We recommend more frequent maintenance for facilities exposed to dust and dirt. In accordance with PrüfVO, smoke and heat ventilation systems are required to undergo inspections every three to six years by a recognised inspector, depending on the federal state. This is generally not necessary for smoke vents in stairwells, unless it is directly required. To ensure proper operation, we inspect the trigger, control unit, openings, power supply lines and equipment to check their functionality and operational readiness. We will immediately send you the official documentation digitally.

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Fire safety and prevention solutions from CWS

CWS Solution Fire Safety Planung Beratung Dokumentation

Consultation, planning and documentation

We are also happy to advise you on fire safety and prevention designs, emergency evacuation plans and official documentation for them.

CWS Solution Fire Safety Installation Abnahme

Installation and approval

More about how a fire safety and prevention system is implemented and prepared for final approval.

CWS Solution Fire Safety Wartung Instandhaltung

Maintenance and repair

We inspect fire extinguishers, equipment and so on for proper functionality and fix any problems.

CWS Solution Fire Safety Brandschutz Schulung

Fire safety and prevention training

We make sure your employees are well prepared in the event of an emergency.

CWS Benefit Fire Safety external View

Fire protection engineer

Our professional officer can identify and assess risks in fire protection and make recommendations to you.

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