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Fire protection in the hotel

We are also happy to carry out fire protection in your hotel. Just get in touch with us.

Safe fire protection for hotel guests and employees

The Motel 24® is a hotel with over 30 rooms and suites in Rietberg (Gütersloh district) that was completed in 2020. It offers brand new and barrier-free double rooms and suites that can be booked without contact. In addition, a 24-hour booking machine enables contactless check-in and check-out around the clock.

As part of the construction planning, the owners needed a fire protection provider who would provide support for all fire protection equipment both in the construction phase and in day-to-day operations. The search led to CWS Fire Safety GmbH, which operates as a full-service provider in the area of ​​fire protection. The local fire protection experts from CWS Fire Safety support the planning and implementation as well as, in the future, the regular maintenance and servicing of all necessary fire protection equipment in this hotel. These include the fire alarm system, fire extinguishers and safety lighting. In addition, the specialist planners from CWS created various fire protection plans, such as fire brigade or escape and rescue plans, for the building.

Augin Sari, managing director of Motel 24 Rietberg

Why CWS?

"We were looking for a local fire protection provider who could advise and support us practically and holistically on all fire protection issues. CWS Fire Safety offers us this with a complete package, from advice to installation and maintenance."

Fire protection services in action

Fire protection products

  • Fire alarm system
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Security lighting
  • Fire, escape and rescue plans

Fire protection service

  • Fire protection advice and planning
  • Installation
  • Maintenance of fire protection products

In the future, there will be complete transparency about upcoming maintenance through timely appointment reminders from CWS Fire Safety. In this way, the safety of the guests is guaranteed as best as possible together with CWS. If the operator has any problems or questions, there is always a permanent contact person at the Bielefeld branch available.

We are also happy to carry out fire protection in your hotel. Just get in touch with us.

Fire protection products

Fire alarm systems

Fire extinguisher

Fire protection plans