Seating plans

Seating plans ensure safety in event venues through fixed seating in compliance with the necessary escape routes.

Seating plans

Seating plans


  • Installation
  • Consulting
  • Support from CWS fire protection officer
  • Check
  • Planning & Creation


  • Seating plan can be easily updated
  • Creation of the seating plan including official approval

Seating plans - advice, creation & updating

Seating plans contain various specifications for different types of seating, e.g. theatre or banquet seating. Furthermore, they contain information about necessary wheelchair spaces, emergency exits and escape and rescue routes within event venues.

They are prescribed by the German Venue Regulations (VStättVO) or the German Meeting Place Guidelines Offices (VStättR) of the federal states for certain event premises that can accommodate more than 200 people.

Seating types:

  • Theatre seating
  • Banquet or parliamentary seating
  • Herringbone seating
  • Block seating
  • U-shaped seating

All-round carefree package: You can rely on our qualified specialists to create a seating plan, who are familiar with the legal regulations, types of seating and requirements for wheelchair spaces, emergency exits and escape routes. After a detailed metrological analysis of the premises, we determine the ideal seating concept for you and take care of coordination and approval with the fire protection authorities.

We also offer high-quality frames, escape route signage and emergency lighting according to DIN EN ISO 7010 standards. In addition, subsequent updating as a service can be carried out quickly and easily at any time.


  • Individual seating plans for event locations
  • Various seating arrangements possible
  • Regional experts and contact partners

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