Smoke alarm detector

Smoke alarms save lives and were in case of fire against highly dangerous smoke gases by acoustic and optical signals for buildings of all kinds.

Smoke alarm detector

Smoke alarm detector


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  • Smoke detector incl. 10-year battery

Smoke alarm devices - advice, installation & maintenance

In the event of fire, smoke detectors warn of highly dangerous smoke gases via acoustic and visual signals. During a fire, toxic gases spread quickly and unnoticed and even a few breaths can lead to fatal carbon monoxide poisoning. Often only a few minutes are left for the rescue route to the outside. In Germany, smoke poisoning is the most common cause of death in fires. Smoke detectors sound the alarm in time and protect people, animals and property. 

Areas of application for smoke detectors are private households as well as commercial and public buildings of all kinds. The legal requirements for smoke detectors are regulated in the DIN 14676. In addition, all federal states have a legal obligation to install smoke detectors for new buildings and conversions. For existing buildings, smoke alarms must be installed in all federal states by December 31, 2020 at the latest. In addition, there are also specifications for hotels, high-rise residential buildings and other special buildings with regard to the installation of smoke detectors. These are prescribed in the state building regulations and the fire protection concept.

Variants of smoke detectors:

  1. Single detector
  2. Radio smoke detectors (radio networked systems)

Our tip: Smoke detectors should be installed especially in bedrooms, children's rooms and corridors that are considered escape routes. Smoke detectors must be maintained at least once a year by a competent person.

CWS Fire Safety offers you an all-round carefree package. We equip you with the life-saving smoke detectors, install them in the right place and take care of the prescribed maintenance of the smoke detectors.


  • Warns in time of smoke
  • Use of smoke detectors in private households, commercial and public buildings of all kinds

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