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CWS Floorcare, always at your service

In maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, good Floor care is indispensable. With CWS, you can rely on a professional service provider. With more than 60 years of experience, we know the ins and outs of floor care like no other.

Our rental model enables our customers to save costs in a flexible way. As there are no purchase costs, you as a customer can count on a predictable cost structure that suits your business. And if your business changes, we change with it, because our service cycle is customizable.

Thanks to our all-in-one service, you are guaranteed the best floor care. We take responsibility for ensuring that floor mats keep their performance. We run quality checks, and replace or repair the mats when necessary. 

At CWS we think circular and ensure that our mats are washed and maintained in a sustainable manner. By choosing CWS Floorcare, you contribute to reducing waste production and minimize your carbon footprint

CWS Floorcare service cycle

  1. Collection & Delivery
    The CWS service driver will hit the road to deliver the floor mats to you.
  2. Exchange of mats
    The service driver will visit you at regular intervals and exchange the soiled mats for cleaned ones.
  3. Washing & drying
    In our laundries, the mats are washed and dried in a sustainable manner.
  4. Quality control
    Each mat is subjected to a manual quality control.
  5. Repair or replacement
    Mats that show signs of wear or damage during quality control are repaired where possible, or replaced.
  6. Collection & Delivery
CWS Floorcare service cycle

Did you know ....

You can save on costs with CWS Floorcare?

About 80% of all dust and dirt that enters a building comes in via the soles of shoes. With our floor mats, dirt and moisture are stopped before they can reach your premises. This can reduce your cleaning costs by as much as 70%. In the end, the mat pays for itself.

Our Floorcare products

Whatever your requirements, CWS has a suitable floor mat for every space, occasion and need. We have a large selection of standard formats ready for you, but also offer individual design options. So we always find the right floor care solution for your business.

CWS Floorcare products


Sustainable washing process

To ensure that we use natural resources responsibly, we use the water for our cleaning processes as efficiently as possible. This enables us to achieve a water recycling rate of 80% compared to regular laundries.

Cleaning service throughout Europe

We have a large number of state-of-the-art laundries in Europe, which are certified according to current hygiene, environmental and quality standards. This is where our floor mats are washed and reprocessed.
CWS Navigačné riešenia Produkty

Satisfying solution for every customer

With over 60 years of experience, we know that every area or entrance is different. Together, we look at the safety requirements and your demands to come up with the right customized solution that fits your needs.
CWS Benefit kompletný servis

Renting instead of buying

Thanks to our mat rental service, there is no need for your own investment. We ensure that the mats are exchanged and cleaned periodically. In addition, each mat undergoes a quality inspection to ensure they are always well-functioning.


Answers to frequently asked questions

Questions related to floor mats, commercial mats, and the CWS Floorcare service?

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

What is the delivery time of a floor mat for commercial use?


Some floor mats are available directly from stock. The delivery time of mats made on request can be arranged in consultation.

Is it possible to buy rather than rent a CWS floor mat?


No, the floor mats are offered in our (rental) service. This way you are always assured of a clean and functioning one. An exception to this are the outdoor mats, these can be purchased.

When will the CWS service employee come by?


We agree with you on a service cycle that suits your needs. The service employee replaces the used floor mat with a freshly washed one. The service cycle can be adjusted if desired.