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Laundry Services for Health and Social Care

From workwear to cleaning the residents' laundry,
we provide you with hygienic textiles for your daily operations.

CWS solutions for health and social care

CWS Healthcare

Innovative service for nursing homes

We take care of hygienically cleaning workwear, as well as ward and resident linen. 

CWS Benefit Solution outpatient Care

Solutions for outpatient care

CWS provides your employees with workwear and prepares the laundry for your patients.

CWS Solution Healthcare Hygiene Rescue

Emergency service clothing

We provide you with attire for the emergency services that conforms to high standards and is hygienically laundered after every use.

CWS Solution Healthcare Hygiene Fire Fighter

Operational hygiene for fire brigades

From jackets to personal protective equipment, we make sure that team members are ready for action.

Care for employee clothing

We reduce your workload

We take care of your employees' work clothes, from washing and drying to repairing them. Thanks to our certified washing processes, you comply with the relevant hygiene and safety regulations.

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Laundry service with CWS

Your complete laundry service partner

It all began with Bernhard Burmeister's linen rental business. And still today, more than 100 years later, we supply our customers with high-quality textiles.
From ward linen and personal protective equipment (PPE) to inpatient and outpatient laundry, we develop a tailor-made solution for managing your laundry.

For example, if you opt for the CWS complete service for emergency services, we will pick up the clothes and bring them back to you, freshly washed and inspected.

What we offer you

Health protection as a top priority

We take care of the hygienic cleaning of all types of laundry for you. In order to prevent the spread of germs, we use certified washing procedures according to RAL specifications (RAL-GZ 992 1-4).

Safety for emergency responders

To make the work of emergency services and fire brigades as safe as possible, we provide them with personal protective equipment. In doing so, we comply with legal regulations, for example the accident prevention regulation (UVV) "Fire Brigades".

Proactive cost management

With the CWS service, we take care of the procurement, storage, and cleaning of textiles for you. This not only reduces your administrative workload, you can also calculate your costs optimally thanks to our transparent invoicing.

Identify and leverage potential

While considering your individual requirements, we analyse your current laundry processes and show you the areas where you can optimise them. Of course, regular consultations are part and parcel of our service.

Targeted employee development

We support you with training employees and provide them with more knowledge about textiles, hygiene, and processes.


If you have any questions about our services in health and social care, we’re more than happy to help.

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CWS Healthcare

Health and social care

CWS is your service partner when it comes to efficient laundry management in the health and social care sector. However, we are also active in other areas where the health and protection of people is a priority. For example, fire safety, cleanrooms and workwear.