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Emergency services hygiene and attire for firefighters

Your firefighters risk a lot. In order to protect their health, we
can equip them with firefighter clothing that conform to high
standards, and then process the attire hygienically after use.

All-inclusive package

Our service for firefighter clothing

After the protective clothing has been cleaned, checked and, if necessary, repaired in our laundries, we can deliver it directly to your storage units on request. An integrated code or chip ensures that each firefighter gets their own clothes back after cleaning.   

Safety on duty

Protective clothing for firefighters must withstand extreme heat, adverse weather conditions, and pollutants. At the same time, it must offer freedom of movement and be clearly visible. Our fire brigade collection meets these requirements. In cooperation with leading manufacturers for firefighter PPE, we can provide you with protective jackets and trousers for firefighters. Our service means that you no longer have to deal with buying the gear as well as its care and storage. This gives you more time for the most important things: coordinating firefighting and saving lives. 

We’ll reprocess your equipment!

Do you have your own PPE, and would you like to use our service? We have specialised in collecting different firefighter clothing from manufacturers. In addition to jackets and trousers, we can also reprocess other elements of protective equipment for you, such as flameproof hoods and gloves.

In order to remove hazardous gases from smoke, we use modern techniques in our laundries, such as the L-CO2 washing process.

CWS Healthcare Feuerwehr

Your advantages at a glance

Long-term security

In our laundries we use innovative washing processes to thoroughly remove pollutants and residues. We also test your own and our PPE to ensure its quality.

Quality according to high standards

We make sure that standardised PPE is always available to you. Whether your own or borrowed protective clothing, we’ll check that the quality meets regulation. You’ll have a proof for the fire brigade accident insurance companies thanks to our checks.

Personal consultation

For general questions or specific request, our customer advisors are available to assist you both via telephone and on site.

Complete service

We’ll minimise your down-time because your firefighters will always have compliant protective clothing at the ready. We’ll also document washing cycles, repairs, and similar routine checks digitally. You can access the data at any time via our web portal.

Cost Overview

The costs for leasing and processing are recorded transparently. They are easy to calculate and which means you can plan for the long run.


Safe for people and nature

We prepare protective equipment for fire brigades and extend the lifetime of PPE with our professional repairs. Using resources carefully is importance to us. We focus on sustainable materials, durable products and the principle ofa circular economy.

More about our approach


Contact us if you would like to find out more about our services and firefighter attire. We will be happy to advise you.