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Emergency service clothing with an all-round service

You just have to choose the right emergency services uniform from our range and
we’ll take care of the rest: cleaning, quality assurance, delivery and stocking.

Safety for lifesavers

Every minute counts when working with the emergency services. Staff give their all to protect the health of others. To ensure their own safety, rescue service clothing is weatherproof, hard-wearing and highly visible. Together with leading textile research institutes, clothing manufacturers and experienced specialists, we have designed a collection that is perfectly suited to the requirements of those working in the emergency services. Every workplace is very different, so we’ll work with you to develop a concept that is tailored to your needs.  

We don't just equip you with rescue service clothing, however. Our reliable all-in service guarantees that the clothing is always hygienically cleaned and that its protective properties are maintained throughout its entire use. We collect the clothing from your premises, clean and check them, and return them to your employees in tip-top condition, again and again.

Service for leasing and contract washing

The emergency service clothing we provide is part of a comprehensive service package. We’ll take measurements on your premises, and fit the rescue service jackets and trousers as required. It is also possible for us to make custom-made garments outside the standard sizes. The garments are processed at our high-tech laundries.
Do you provide your employees with uniforms? We would also be happy to take over the cleaning and quality control of your provided  protective gear.   

CWS Healthcare Rettungsdienste

Our service for you

Protecting the health of emergency responders

In order to protect professionals from pathogens, we hygienically process and clean their rescue service clothing in modern laundries. If they’re safe, they can concentrate fully on the people they’re helping.

Safety in action

The emergency service clothing from CWS offers optimal weather and cold protection and is highly visible. It complies with all requirements of the statutory accident insurance for safety and health protection (GUV-R 2106).

Quality and Comfort

Hard-wearing, functional materials make CWS emergency service clothing durable. Skin-friendly fabrics ensure a high level of comfort and the pocket compartments allow for handy emergency equipment storage.

Cost Overview

Your costs for the clothing and services are recorded transparently. They can be easily tracked and this means you can plan for the long run.

First aid

If you have any questions regarding service, the CWS service driver is your first contact person on site. Our customer advisors are available for personal consultation.

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Do you have questions about our services in general, or our emergency service collection? We are happy to help you.