Blog with Henning

Sales Manager

Henning joined CWS-Hygiene as a career changer, started as account manager and is now a successful sales manager. He himself says that he didn't see this path coming - but his superiors did: with his ambitious and emphatic nature, Henning has shown great potential right from the start, and with diligence and disciplined work he proves that the trust placed in him has more than paid off.


“The first year of working at CWS-Hygiene I would especially describe as educational. I was closely supervised and supported, I was offered many opportunities for further training and also to contribute my own ideas.” The hard work has paid off and the success Henning has achieved with his work speaks for itself: “Achievements - happy employees who earn good money and have successful months - that's what fulfills me most about my work. We are in close contact as a team, have built up a network together and have managed to become the most successful team in recent years.

What makes me particularly proud is that the successes speak for themselves - a successful team, having fun at work and the trust of the customers. At the end of the day, that's what you can be proud of.

Henning, Sales Manager

Work that is needed

“I was convinced by the fact that CWS Hygiene gave me the opportunity to get started as a career changer. And of course the sustainability aspect - I knew that if I was selling something, it had to be something I am committed to. My work is varied, sometimes a little turbulent, but above all it gives me the feeling of confirmation - confirmation that I am doing work that is needed and in demand. The importance of hygiene and the need for these services and companies hasn't just been obvious since Covid. We all know that everyone needs it, you just need the right partner by your side - and that's where CWS-Hygiene steps in.