CWS Dispenser Vario Stainless Steel

CWS Dispenser Vario Plastic

CWS Dispenser Vario Stainless Steel: robustness and reliability.

CWS Dispenser Vario Stainless Steel

CWS Dispenser Vario Stainless Steel

CWS Dispenser Vario Plastic


  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers
  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers


  • Easy refilling due to cylinder lock
  • Significantly robust material
  • Optimal emptying process thanks to a vacuumed overhead bottle
  • Front view window

Available colors

In terms of a comprehensive skin protection concept, the CWS Vario dispenser stainless steel is the ideal all-rounder. Hand hygiene and hand care play an essential role for industries where hands are exposed to high stress, like the health, food and craft sectors.

The stainless steel dispenser can be filled with soap, disinfectant or hand lotion, and adapts depending on the area of application. Additionally, a cylinder lock secures the contents so that the dispenser can be opened and refilled by the appropriate personnel only. Thanks to the vacuum-packed overhead bottle, the filling material is guaranteed to be used up completely, with hardly any residue remaining in the dispenser.

Via the stainless steel operating lever, the individual can adjust the dosage optimally. A window at the front of the dispenser ensures a refill on time. The Vario dispenser stainless steel has the following dimensions: 315 mm height including lever x 135 mm width x 130 mm depth.


  • Can be used in many sectors, such as health, food or craft industries
  • Suitable for filling with various products (soap, disinfectant, lotion, etc.)

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