CWS Jumbo

CWS Jumbo Soap dispenser fits industrial environments perfectly.

CWS Jumbo

CWS Jumbo


  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers
  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers


  • Simple and fast cartridge change
  • Effective and skin-friendly soap without microplastics
  • No dripping of the soap
  • Capacity of 2,000 portions plus reserve tank for 200 extra portions

Available colors

The CWS Jumbo industrial soap dispenser is the optimal solution for all industrial areas where particularly heavy soiling occurs. With CWS Abrasiva Standard, an effective hand cleaning soap, oils, greases, dusts, and paints, among other things, dissolve particularly well. The abrasive soap is free of microplastics as finely ground cornmeal is used. Thanks to the natural re-fattening effect, hands are also protected and cared for. The soap is pH skin neutral and dermatologically tested.

The fill level indicator on the dispenser immediately shows when the soap bottle needs to be changed. The cartridge can be replaced quickly and easily. Impact-resistant plastic makes the soap dispenser particularly robust, which produces a durable industrial soap dispenser even under heavy use.

The dosage system allows drip-free use, while the portioned dispensing of the industrial soap minimises consumption. The 2,000 ml disposable bottle is sufficient for approx. 2,000 portions. In addition, a reserve tank provides around 200 extra portions. To prevent theft, the soap bottle is secured with a lock.

The CWS Jumbo industrial soap dispenser combines robustness and large capacity with ease of use, making it the perfect hand washing solution for industry.


  • For use in various industrial areas
  • Thanks to abrasive soap reliable removal of grease, oil, paint, etc.


CWS attaches great importance to sustainability and the careful use of resources to protect our environment. The consumption of the hand cleanser is minimised by dispensing it in portions. The soap also does not contain any microplastics.

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