CWS Paradise Air Bar

Customize your Air Bar with CWS Paradise Air Bar Panel Active White

CWS Paradise Air Bar

CWS Paradise Air Bar


  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers
  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers


  • Front panel exchangeable by click system
  • Battery operated and can therefore position anywhere
  • Sensor-controlled day/night switching
  • External service light indicates a need for service
  • Different intensity levels

The CWS Paradise Air Bar is an intelligent fragrance dispenser that creates a room air ambience that makes you feel good. The attractive Paradise Line design and the intelligent technology - thanks to automatic cartridge change and day/night sensor - make the fragrance dispenser an innovative solution for every room. The straight, slim shape of the Paradise Air Bar blends inconspicuously into any environment. In addition, the exchangeable panel allows colour matching to the room and existing Paradise Line products. The panel is available in seven colour variations: Active White, Black Pearl, Forest Green, Silversense, Royal Red, Navy Blue and Posh Purple. The panel can also be designed in individual colour versions.

The fragrance dispenser from the Paradise Line releases the fragrance via an evaporation system. Two fans distribute it evenly throughout the room. The fragrance intensity can be adjusted in four stages. In addition, a day/night sensor intelligently controls the fragrance output. The Air Bar works without the regular spraying of conventional systems and does not use aerosols. Various aromas can be used to prevent people from getting used to the fragrance. The Air Bar has two fragrance chambers so that the change to the second cartridge can take place automatically after the first one has been used up.

Another feature of the Paradise Line fragrance dispenser is the battery-operated system, which means that the Air Bar can be placed anywhere on the wall, as no power supply is required. The battery indicator on the fragrance dispenser shows when replacement is due. Thanks to the centrally integrated, completely removable battery compartment, replacement is straightforward.

Changing cartridges is also no problem with the Paradise Line fragrance dispenser. Simply pull out the old cartridge and insert the new one, sealed. Special attachments in the lid open the cartridge automatically when the fragrance dispenser is closed. If you rent with full service, CWS will take care of the replacement of cartridges and batteries.

Specially developed aromas are used in the fragrances to neutralise unpleasant odours, which act specifically against smoke, sweat or WC odours. These so-called odour neutralisers compensate for unpleasant odours instead of covering them up. The different fragrances for the Paradise Line fragrance dispenser have other scent properties and scent strengths. There are 11 specially developed CWS fragrances available for the Paradise Air Bar.


  • Perfect for washrooms, shops, lounges, conference rooms and many other areas
  • Creates a pleasant atmosphere using pleasing odour


The CWS Paradise Air Bar is sustainable and conserves resources. Two fresh cartridges are sufficient for a total of approx. 6 months and therefore produce hardly any waste. In addition, the fragrance dispenser is very economical thanks to a day/night sensor that controls the intelligent fragrance distribution.

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