CWS Paradise Cleanseat Universal

CWS Paradise Cleanseat Universal: the most famous self-cleaning toilet.

CWS Paradise Cleanseat Universal

CWS Paradise Cleanseat Universal


  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers
  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers


  • Alcohol-free disinfectant for thorough removal of bacteria

Available colors

The Paradise Cleanseat Universal contributes to optimum hygiene conditions in toilet rooms with low to regular traffic. The toilet seat cleans itself automatically after each use, reliably removing bacteria and other pathogens. In addition to automatic cleaning, it is also possible to manually trigger the cleaning process before use. The process not only gives a clean and germ-free WC seat to employees and guests alike but also removes the need to cover the toilet seat with paper – a resource-saving combination.

To be sure the seat is clean, an easily readable control display shows the WC seat’s current sanitary status. Should the surface be dirty, an alcohol-free surface disinfectant is used. The discreet odour of the disinfectant agent increases the user’s perception of hygiene. Because the Paradise Cleanseat Universal regularly cleans itself, it helps to prevent limescale, urine scale and odours.

Moreover, the device is battery operated and therefore, does not require any power supply.


  • Always clean, germ-free WC seats
  • Prevention of infectious diseases
  • Pleasant smell and improved hygiene perception
  • Automatic and manual triggering of seat cleaning


By developing smart products and sustainable solutions, CWS is committed to a more conscious approach to the environment. For example, the Paradise Cleanseat uses an automatic cleaning system that makes the covering of the toilet seat with paper unnecessary – a solution that reduces paper-waste and saves resources.

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