CWS Paradise Paper Universal

Keep your hands dry and soft with CWS Paradise Paper Universal

CWS Paradise Paper Universal

CWS Paradise Paper Universal


  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers
  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers


  • Large capacity of approx. 600 paper towels
  • Very hygienic, as no touching of surfaces is necessary
  • CWS service available for refill and repair

Available colors

Good hand hygiene promotes employee health, reduces sick days and thus saves costs. Often, sick leave in the office is caused by infections that are transmitted through the hands. Employees underestimate the importance of drying their hands after washing them. However, wet hands spread 1,000 times more bacteria than dry hands.

The CWS Paradise Paper Universal, a simple, user-friendly and reliable paper towel dispenser, provides a remedy. With an opening at the bottom, paper towels can be easily pulled from the dispenser without touching additional surfaces with freshly washed hands.

The Paradise Paper Universal has a capacity of approximately 600 paper towels, making it suitable for areas with higher frequency of use. It can be easily and quickly refilled with all common types of folded paper (including recycled, FSC, EU Ecolabel, PEFC).

The paper towel dispenser is designed in plain white and fits discreetly into washrooms, kitchens or laboratories. Of course, it can be combined with all other products from the CWS Paradise Line.


  • Practical paper towel dispenser for washrooms, laboratories or kitchens
  • Very easy handling

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