CWS Paradise Stainless Steel Ladycare Cover

CWS Paradise Stainless Steel Lady Care Cover 12 L keeps washroom waste where it belongs

CWS Paradise Stainless Steel Ladycare Cover

CWS Paradise Stainless Steel Ladycare Cover


  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers
  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers


  • Pleasant smell thanks to scented solution
  • Can be mounted floor standing or wall hung

Available colors

To provide employees and guests with a clean and healthy environment, it is important to equip washrooms with suitable products and solutions. This includes a container in which hygienic waste can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly and professional manner. The CWS Stainless Steel Ladycare Cover is a stainless steel container for the CWS plastic Ladycare Box. By providing a hygiene container, pipe blockages are significantly reduced, as hygiene waste is no longer accidentally or carelessly disposed of in the toilet. The plain stainless steel of the hygiene box ensures a clean, elegant, and uniform appearance in the washroom - and is a perfect match for other stainless steel products. In addition, the special brushing of the stainless steel is an effective protection against fingerprints.

To ensure a fresh smell in the washrooms, the hygiene container is equipped with a special fragrance solution. It can be installed either floor-standing or wall-hung to facilitate cleaning work on the floor.


  • Hygiene box for the professional disposal of hygienic waste
  • Robust and durable design in stainless steel
  • Reduce pipe clogging


CWS is committed to sustainability with its hygiene solutions by placing great emphasis on resource-saving concepts. For example, the environmentally friendly disposal of waste helps alleviate stress on our natural resources

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