CWS SmartWash

CWS SmartWash is an innovative contactless hand cleaning station, with up to 90% less water consumption.

CWS SmartWash

CWS SmartWash


  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers
  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers


  • Patented mixing unit mixes water, soap, and air
  • Exceptional hygiene due to soap bags with disposable mixing head
  • Internet connection for the evaluation of the consumption values
  • Fill level, and technical status are always in view

The innovative CWS SmartWash mixer tap dispenses pre-mixed water, soap, and air, ensuring that 100% of washroom users use soap when washing their hands with CWS SmartWash. For this purpose, the CWS SmartWash has a patented mixing head from Smixin inside, which automatically mixes and dispenses water, soap, and air in an ideal manner. The output quantity is pre-set so that consumption can be efficiently calculated. An amount of 0.4 ml of soap is provided per hand wash cycle.

The soap is available in CherryCare (Standard) and ProCare (allergen-free & fragrance-free). CWS SmartWash has an integrated infrared sensor that controls the water output intervals and thus prevents contact with surfaces. In addition, the CWS SmartWash is equipped with an Internet connection, via which the consumption values of water and soap can be called up at any time. In this way, costs are always kept in view.

The CWS SmartWash has the colour white/chrome. The mould of the CWS SmartWash is made of zinc alloy and the lid of PC-ABS.


  • Soap is used in every hand washing process
  • No overdose by the users
  • Sensor-controlled use avoids surface contact
  • Minimum use of resources through innovative mixing technology
  • Suitable for public washrooms


Water is a valuable resource. For this reason, the CWS SmartWash significantly reduces water consumption compared to a standard tap: to just 200 ml instead of about 2 l of water per handwashing cycle. The ingenious pre-dosing saves up to 90% water and up to 60% soap. A mere 1,250 ml of soap is sufficient for more than 3,100 wash cycles. The dispenser does not even need to be refilled, because this amount of soap fits into a single bag. This means that the contents last around 150 % longer and saves unnecessary packaging waste.

A further advantage: CWS SmartWash is energy-saving when used at the cold-water connection. But the water is still not cold. The added air ensures a pleasant temperature. In addition, CWS and Smixin provide 20,000 litres of drinking water for each rented CWS SmartWash via the MadeBlue organisation. This gives 20 children access to clean water at school for a year. MadeBlue works for a better water supply in the world.

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