CWS Stainless Steel Foam Slim

CWS Stainless Steel Foam slim keeps your hands clean with style and elegance...

CWS Stainless Steel Foam Slim

CWS Stainless Steel Foam Slim


  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers
  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers


  • Ergonomic one-hand operation via pull lever
  • Non-drip dispensing through suck-back pump
  • Click-in-bottle system for easy replacement of the lather bottle
  • Filling for around 1,250 soap portions

Available colors

The Stainless Steel Foam Slim foam soap dispenser offers a practical and elegant hygiene solution for various applications. Whether in the kitchen, laboratory, or washroom: the soap dispenser made of matt brushed stainless steel is extremely robust and its high-quality appearance blends into any ambience. Thanks to its rounded edges, injuries during use are virtually impossible.

Three variants of dermatologically tested foam soap with strong skin compatibility are available for the different areas of application. This is always pH skin neutral. The 500 ml capacity of the bottles is sufficient for 1,250 portions. In addition, the reserve tank contains approx. 250 further portions.

A plain viewing window on the front provides information about the fill level. By means of the click-in-bottle system, the soap foam bottle can be replaced quickly and easily.

The Stainless Steel soap dispenser is very user-friendly thanks to the ergonomic one-handed pull lever. The soap concentrate is already foamed when dispensed, which results in lower water consumption than normal cream soap. In addition, the soap itself is extremely productive and saves additional resources.

A suck-back pump prevents dripping, protects the dispenser from sticking, and at the same time provides airtight long-term protection for the soap.


  • Suitable for kitchens, laboratories, and all types of washrooms
  • Dermatologically tested foam soap
  • Supports the HACCP concept
  • Brushed stainless steel surface to prevent fingerprints


By foaming the soap concentrate, on average 50% less soap is used and 30% less water. So, the use of the foam soap dispenser contributes to the conservation of valuable resources.

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