How Amjad's motivation elevated him from intern to HR Business Partner in just four years.

4 June 2024 Hygiene


When Amjad entered CWS Hygiene at the age of 22, as an HR intern, his fresh perspective and innovative ideas were immediately embraced. Nearly four years later, he can call himself HR business partner. A job title he wears with great pride.

A breath of fresh air

Fresh out of school, Amjad stepped into CWS Hygiene at the age of 22 as an HR intern. “My age certainly didn't stop me from throwing ideas into the group. By nature, I am a smooth talker and dare to speak up. My then manager and colleagues embraced this and gave me a lot of freedom to make adjustments. After my internship period, I got the chance to start working permanently at CWS Hygiene as an HR assistant, which offer I gladly accepted.” tells Amjad.

I began my journey with CWS Hygiene as an intern in the HR department. What stood out to me was how much they valued my input. Due to the great guidance, I quickly learned all the ins and outs of HR. Four years later, I became HR Business Partner. 

Amjad, HR Business Partner

Talent in full bloom

During his internship and subsequent period as an HR assistant, Amjad had ample opportunity to develop himself. “Many of our HR colleagues specialize in one specific area. Initially this gave a bit of pressure because I thought I also had to focus on one aspect. A little later I realized that it would be just as valuable if I kept my sights wide and gained general knowledge. That way I could get involved in various projects and support my colleagues and manager and take over tasks. Thus, I got more and more responsibility.” narrated Amjad. “The growth I experienced at CWS Hygiene is really huge, both personally and professionally. I was involved in many projects and received good guidance. This ensured that I learned all the ins and outs of HR in a short period of time.” Adds Amjad.


Open configuration options

A new challenge

When the HR Business Partner position became available, it was Amjad's enthusiasm and acquired expertise that actually made him the ideal candidate. “My colleagues supported the idea and encouraged me to take on the role. I thought that was a wonderful compliment; it was the extra push to take the plunge.”