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6 June 2024 Hygiene
Leslie has not been with CWS Hygiene as a recruiter for long – even though, starting in December 2023 she says her high expectations have already been exceeded. With her open-minded attitude and positive charisma, she has already been able to advance her skills in a very short time and is now recruiting for Austria as well as Switzerland.

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“I've only been at CWS Hygiene since December 2023, but I can say that my expectations have already been exceeded: my recruitment process was superfast, everyone was so authentic and welcoming and it just clicked straight away! Even in my short time, I was able to develop further and now I even recruit for Austria as well as Switzerland, which makes me very proud.” For Leslie, it was clear from the very first interview that it is a perfect match. But the new position as a recruiter at CWS-Hygiene is not only the perfect fit for Leslie, Leslie is also a perfect fit for CWS- Hygiene: “My open-minded attitude and charisma benefit me in my work: being able to reach people and represent CWS Hygiene well is very important to me.”

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Fulfilling — that's how I would describe my

Fulfilling — that's how I would describe my work at CWS Hygiene in one word. I look forward to going to work every day and at the end I know what I have achieved and for what. For me, my work is not just a job, but a task that enriches me even when I go home.

Leslie, Corporate Recruiter
Recruiter at CWS Hygiene


The fulfillment that Leslie finds in her work results not least from the cohesion and atmosphere in her team: “The working atmosphere in our small team is very familiar: we laugh a lot and support each other.” But it's not just in her own team that Leslie values harmonious collaboration - she also attaches great importance to a sense of cohesion and teamwork in her recruitment processes: “When my work leads to me being able to recruit great people for the company - that's what I enjoy the most! But what is really making me proud is when I can gain the trust of the candidates and we create the feeling that we are working as a team.