CWS People counted mounted in a doorframe of a toilet and a female coded person coming out from the toilet

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PureLine People Counter

Get insight and real time data on the traffic of your washroom(s). CWS PureLine People Counter makes it easy to prepare for peak hours and adapt the cleaning needs in the washroom. 

Increase customer satisfaction with data

CWS PureLine People Counter can be easily integrated in all enviroments where you can benefit from insights about traffic and peak hours. Regardless if the PureLine People Counter is placed at your washroom, or at the entrance of a store, it helps you to accuratley track the amount of people entering and existing in a specific space. You will get unique insights in your visitors behaviour, which helps you to do data-driven decisions and plan opening hours, staffing, and cleaning accordingly which will increase the satisfaction of guests and visitors. 

CWS PureLine collection
CWS PureLine offers your customers flawless hygiene and advanced functionalities available at all times, in an elegant, contemporary design. Sustainability, efficiency and elegance are parts of PureLine's DNA, and got awarded with the Red Dot Design Award in 2022. 
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Discover the CWS PureLine People Counter

The CWS PureLine People Counter is avaliable in a slim form factor, enabling an unobtrusive mounting in the door frame. The white housing makes it discreet and suitable for many different enviroments.

What the CWS Pureline People Counter offers:

  • Insights in peak hours for your washroom
  • See trends and movement patterns in your building
  • Manage and plan more efficient cleaning
  • Battery powered with a runtime of approx 8.5 months
  • Mounts with an adhesive pad, no drilling needed.
  • Photoelectric sensor
  • Can be mounted whereever there is a need
Product image of a white people counter device from CWS

CWS Rental Service

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Did you ever consider to rent your equipment from us? We guarantee not only to professionally install your new dispensers, but also to fix them if something happens and deliver the consumables timely. We will be happy to advise you on our services.

Five reasons to use data when managing your facitilies

  1. Enhance the customer experience
    By offering clean and well-maintained washrooms the customer satisfaction increases. Impress your guests with washrooms that are always hygienic, clean, and well-stocked. 
  2. Save on costs and get more efficient
    With data-driven cleaning, businesses can reduce cleaning-related expenses by focusing efforts on high-traffic times or areas, and optimizing staff allocation. This reduce costs and makes it easier for your staff to be at the right place, in the right time.
  3. Improve hygiene
    With actual data on traffic, a unforseen peak can be identified at an early stage, and increased messiness or higher usage can be addressed promptly.
  4. Comprehensive reporting
    Data also comes with reports and with detailed reports on washroom usage, cleanliness, and maintenance you can use the reports for compliance purposes, performance evaluation, and demonstrating a commitment to hygiene and safety.
  5. Optimize cleaning schedules
    Create cleaning schedules based on data and benefit from the fact that you know exactly when your peak hours are. This make ensures an efficient cleaning schedule based on actual needs instead of a fixed time interval.  
CWS PureLine people Counter mounted in a door opening of a café

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Why should I use IoT to manage my washrooms?

IoT, Internet of Things, is a network that connects physical objects (the ‘things’) equipped with sensors, software and technologies over the internet to exchange data with other devices and systems. With a IoT-connected object, you can gain insights about how the objects being used and get real-time information. 

SmartMate lets you track and monitor the traffic in your washroom, giving insights about filling and battery levels, anticipate usage patterns and assign settings to your dispensers. 

A counter to count on

CWS PureLine People counter mounted in a doorframe of a toilet

CWS PureLine People Counter connects easily with bluetooth and is battery powered. Together with the adhesive pad for mounting, CWS PureLine People counter can be placed in many different enviroments and on many different surfaces, serving both as a people counter or as a passage counter.  

Discover CWS PureLine

CWS PureLine People Counter is a part of CWS PureLine product line. With PureLine People Counter and non-touch dispensers togheter with SmartMate IoT solutions, you offer everyone a pleasant and hygienic washroom experience

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PureLine Soap dispenser

PureLine Hand sanitiser dispenser

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Frequently asked questions

Still having questions about our people counter? You might find some answers below.

How does a people counter accurately track foot traffic?

CWS PureLine People Counter uses photoelectric sensor technology, to detect and count individuals entering or exiting a specific area. Our People Counter accurately track movement and provide real-time data on foot traffic, which helps you make informed decisions about occupancy, resource allocation, and more, for your business.

Where can I install a people counter in my store or facility for the best results?

CWS PureLine People Counter is easy to install where you need it. In retail, consider entrances and key aisles. For facilities, entrances, exits, and high-traffic areas are recommended. We are happy to advice you on the optimal placement for you. 

What are the key benefits of using a people counter for businesses or organizations?

CWS PureLine People Counter offer numerous benefits, including improved resource allocation, enhanced customer experience, cost savings, safety, data-driven decision-making, and efficient operations. These advantages can lead to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

What measures are in place to protect individuals' data privacy when using people counters?

At CWS, we value privacy. The CWS PureLine photoelectric people counter tracks traffic using a beam of light, similar to the technology used when a door opens automatically. This means that all data collected is completely anonymous.