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Tampon dispenser and sanitary pad dispenser

For free dispensing of menstrual products  

The CWS Tampon and Pad Dispenser makes menstrual products available free of charge. Providing free tampons and sanitary pads in washrooms and other places helps to promote equality. 

Making menstrual products accessible to everyone 

Getting your period is normal. And forgetting pads or tampons can make you feel as lost as someone without toilet paper. So why not have a tampon and pad dispenser in every toilet? 

Think of it as an extra service for your employees and guests. It is also a step towards gender equality and a great help for people who have difficulty paying for menstrual products. Our tampon and pad dispensers are ideal in combination with a hygiene box [LINK] for hygienic disposal of used products. 

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Normalize menstruation

Menstruation is a natural body function. No one should be embarrassed because of a lack of tampons or pads.
CWS Hygiene Wellness Hygiene

Achieve gender equality

It is our collective responsibility to work for an equal society where everyone's needs are met.
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Reduce financial burden

By providing free tampons and pads, we're taking a financial burden off the shoulders of people who are menstruating.
CWS Healthcare

Promote Hygiene

Access to free menstrual products encourages proper hygiene practices, keeping everyone healthier.

Choose from 2 models 

At CWS, you can choose from two models to dispense free menstrual products. A tampon dispenser with tampons in two sizes and a combi dispenser that offers both tampons and pads. 

For a safe place at school or work 

By openly acknowledging and accommodating menstrual needs in public spaces, you can make menstruating people's daily lives more comfortable and contribute as an organization to an inclusive and equal environment. Tampons and pads should be readily available, just like toilet paper. Create a safe space and show your employees, visitors and/or students that menstruation is not a taboo, and break down the stigma associated with it. 

CWS Tampon dispenser - Period Pack

16 regular tampons
16 super tampons
100% organic cotton
Window to see fill levels
Easy to refill
Provide free tampons of two different sizes
Time interval push mechanism
Dimensions 31.4 x 20 x 14.7 cm.
CWS Hygiene product image of a white tampon dispenser and a combined white pad+tampon dispenser

CWS Tampon and pad dispenser

18 regular tampons
28 sanitary pads
100% organic cotton
Window to see fill levels
Easy to refill
Provide free sanitary products
Time interval push mechanism
Dimensions 31.4 x 24 x 19.5 cm.

Why free menstrual products? 

Menstruation shouldn't limit anyone's chances or cause panic. 86% of women have started menstruating once while not carrying menstrual products. Many women report that this situation causes panic and embarrassment. In addition, not everyone has the financial means to buy tampons or pads, causing them to miss school or work during their period. By providing free tampons and pads, we're taking a financial burden off their shoulders. Source: Free The Tampons 

Menstruatieproduct dispenser

Scotland leads the way  

Starting in 2022, Scotland will be the first country to pass legislation to make tampons and pads free. Menstrual products will be available for free in pharmacies, community centers and schools through tampon and pad dispensers to help tackle menstrual poverty. They hope other countries will follow suit. So let's make menstrual hygiene products free and take another step towards a more inclusive, supportive and equal society. 


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Tampon and sanitary pad dispensers FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Tampon and sanitary pad dispensers are often referred to as tampon dispensers or sanitary pad dispensers. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Then please contact us! 

What is a pad and tampon dispenser? 

The Period Pack is a dispenser for free dispensing of menstrual products such as tampons and pads. Available in 2 models: 

  • Tampon dispenser (regular and super tampons) 

  • Tampon and pad dispenser (regular tampons and pads). 

The dispenser works without batteries or power. So you can easily place the tampon and pad dispenser anywhere. At the touch of a button, the dispenser dispenses 1 menstrual product at a time. A short delay after dispensing prevents improper use. 

Is the provision of free tampons and pads mandatory? 

Within Europe and the United Kingdom, only Scotland has legislation requiring menstrual products to be provided free of charge. Other countries have not yet made it mandatory. 

However, companies and public organizations are increasingly focusing on inclusion and gender equality. With a tampon dispenser or pad dispenser, it is possible to make tampons and pads as freely available as toilet paper. 

Are tampons or pads harmful to the environment? 

Many tampons and pads contain unnecessary chemicals or harmful substances. This has a negative impact on the environment and increases the risk of infection. All CWS menstrual products are made from 100% organic cotton and do not contain any harmful substances.  

A mechanical timer in the Period Pack tampon or pad dispenser provides a small time interval. This makes it impossible to remove more than one menstrual product at a time. This reduces the risk of unnecessary waste and prevents overuse, which is good from an economic and environmental standpoint. 

Can tampons and pads be flushed? 

Menstrual products should not be flushed down the toilet. They can get stuck in the drain and cause clogs. Instead, dispose of sanitary pads and tampons in a hygiene bin - which should be in every women's toilet. 

Don't flush tampon or pad wrappers either. These are considered single-use plastics, and flushing them adds more microplastics to our water. 

What is better, tampons or pads? 

Deciding between tampons and pads depends on comfort, convenience, lifestyle, and menstrual flow. It's a personal choice. Here's a quick comparison to help you decide: 

Pros: Tampons are inserted into the vagina and provide invisible protection. They're great for active lifestyles and can be worn while swimming. Tampons come in different absorbencies to match your flow. 
Cons: Tampons must be comfortable to insert and changed every 4-8 hours to lower the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS). 

Pros: Sanitary pads are worn externally, attached to underwear, making them easy to use. They're suitable for those who prefer not to insert anything into their body and can be used overnight. 
Cons: Pads can feel bulky or move around, and they may not be as comfortable for some physical activities. 

Some people like tampons for their discretion and freedom, while others prefer pads for their simplicity and non-invasiveness. Many people choose to use both at different times during their cycle for optimal comfort and protection. Listen to your body and consider your lifestyle when making your choice. 

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