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Textile Recycling with wear2wear™

CWS is a key partner of the European industry partnership wear2wear™.
Our shared goal is to close the textile loop with recyclable materials.

Clothing in a cycle

The recycling economy is an important aspect of sustainability. At its core is the idea of completely closing the recycling loop of consumer goods. The goal is a waste-free world in which every product that is at the end of its life becomes the starting material for a new product.

The European industry partnership wear2wear™, of which we have been a core member since 2019, is also committed to this ambitious project. The partners have set themselves the task of producing new textiles exclusively from recycled materials that can be reused further. Each company makes an individual contribution to the clothing recycling process.

rEvolution Hybrid

A fully recyclable jacket

The wear2wear™ partners demonstrate that the clothing loop can indeed be closed using the rEvolution Hybrid outdoor jacket as an example. It consists entirely of old clothes and recycled PET bottles, and can be completely recycled into new, high-quality functional textiles. Waste is avoided to the greatest possible extent. These jackets can be worn, washed, and repaired repeatedly—including by CWS. Once the garment reaches the end of its usage, the recycling loop begins.

The recycling loop

From old textiles to functional clothing

By working together, the wear2wear™ partners facilitate the upcycling of used clothing. 

Step 1: Turning fibres into granules

The old jackets are handed over to a German company, Carl Weiske GmbH. They then process the used polyester fibres and turn them into granules.

Step 2: Processing into yarn

Another German company, TWD Fibres GmbH, produces a recycled yarn from the granules.

Step 3: Creating a functional fabric

A Swiss company, Schoeller Textil AG combines the yarn with a recyclable membrane from yet another German company, Sympatex, to create a high-tech fabric.

Step 4: Manufacturing the rEvolution Hybrid

The Russian garment manufacturer, BTK, makes the recycled textile into a jacket.

Step 5: Sending them to the customer

The new jackets can then be sent to customers. The cycle is closed.

Designed for recycling

With wear2wear™, we used our many years of experience in designing our own highly durable collections to develop the rEvolution Hybrid. Consequently, the jacket has been designed according to proven Design2Recycle principles: It has no buttons or studs, and all individual parts are cut to create as few seams as possible.

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The zip and other non-recyclable parts of the jacket are sewn with a special thread made of polyvinyl alcohol, which dissolves when washed at high temperatures. Finally, single-origin material and recyclable dyes ensure that the jacket can be completely recycled. The rEvolution Hybrid therefore proves that closed-loop recycling is indeed possible.


We reduce the use of tiny plastic particles

Microplastics pollute the environment and can also be detrimental to people's health. In order to reduce this pollution, we deliberately do not use plastic particles in our soaps and cosmetic products.