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15 March 2022 Hygiene

Did you know that hand washing can even make it into the Guinness Book of Records? Most recently, in October 2013, over 740,000 people in Peru, Mexico and Argentina succeeded in washing their hands at the same time! 

No less impressive is what employees in medical offices and smaller medical centers accomplish every day. They work under high pressure and at high speed, and yet everything has to be accurate and flawless - above all, flawlessly hygienic. This means constantly washing and disinfecting hands, disinfecting surfaces and opening windows for ventilation.  

Even patients are urged in many practices to wash or disinfect their hands again before registering. This makes perfect sense when you consider that a single bacteria can multiply millions of times in a matter of hours. And our hands come into contact with countless things every day that are heavily contaminated with bacteria: On door handles, light switches, stair railings or computer mice. And with our hands, we involuntarily transport them further.  

Clean hands, fast and reliable 

In the healthcare sector in particular, it is precisely this kind of onward transportion that should be prevented. That's why simple, intuitive hygiene solutions are needed here that reliably ensure a high standard. That's why CWS PureLine dispensers are available with sensor-based non-touch technology, among other features - one less surface for bacteria. In addition, the dispensers are IoT-ready: hygiene becomes smart and 100 percent available. The non-touch dispensers are equipped with a chip so that the dosing amount can be adjusted to individual needs via an app. 

Washing hands health care sector

While the water temperature has no influence on whether hand washing is "successful," the duration (30 seconds or singing Happy Birthday 2x) and the use of soap are crucial. That's why the soaps used in CWS PureLine dispensers are pH skin neutral, allergen-free - and have been awarded the EU Ecolabel. In this way, the skin is gently cleaned and the natural skin barrier remains intact - for this, by the way, lukewarm water is also better than too hot. Thorough drying is just as important, by the way, because microorganisms can hold and multiply better in a moist environment. Moreover, drying your hands with a towel by friction additionally removes the germs that still adhere to your hands or in the water on your hands. PureLine dispensers are also available for this purpose, either with cotton towels made from sustainably produced cotton or with recycled paper. 

Clean air, without chemicals  

Regular ventilation can be a real challenge for healthcare workers: Constantly working in a draft is neither pleasant nor healthy. Patients also don't like sitting in ice-cold waiting or examination rooms. Air purifiers can be used especially for waiting rooms to prevent the transmission of diseases through the air anyway. For example, our combined disinfection and air purification unit, which reliably destroys viruses and other pathogens with UV-C light. No UV-C light penetrates to the outside and no ozone or other by-products are produced, but the device works quietly and odorless. The air purifier can be used as a stand-alone device or mounted to the wall.

You can find more information here or contact us directly. We will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding the right hygiene solution for you! 

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