Cleaning dust control mats: Consider this!

To maintain the functionality of a dust control mat in the long term, there are a few things to keep in mind when professionally cleaning the mat. In our convenient rental service, you can simply have your dust control mat cleaned by us - in a certified and sustainable washing process.

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23 September 2022 Floor Care

Cleaning of the dust control mats

With up to 4.8 liters of dirt and moisture that a CWS dust control mat can absorb, it provides effective cleanliness. Dirt and moisture are "brushed" off the soles of shoes, while inside the mat the dirt is retained on the rubber base and the moisture can evaporate. To maintain this functionality and high-quality visual impression, it is important to clean the floor mats properly and regularly.

It is often not enough just to clean the mats by knocking them out or vacuuming them. Parts of the dirt will then remain in the mat and, over time, can be released and walked back into the building. Washing dust control mats in a standard washing machine is also often not possible, due to their size. It is necessary to have the floor mat washed - in a professional washing process.

Cleaning the floor mat - The CWS cleaning process

  • After delivery of the dirty mats to our laundry, they are de-sanded if necessary and weighed on a weighing belt. Dirty mats are usually 25 to 30% heavier than their original weight and must therefore be weighed beforehand to avoid overloading the washing machines.
  • Now the coarse dirt is removed. A device beats sand, coarse dirt and small stones out of the mats.
  • The mat washing process begins in the washing tunnel with a total of ten chambers. In the first seven chambers, the mats are washed with the laundry water from the cotton towel rolls. This saves not only water, but also detergent, as it is already active in the water. In the process, less energy is consumed because the water already has the desired temperature of 40 degrees. In the last three chambers, the washing water is flushed out of the dirt mats with the detergent, removing the last bit of residual dirt.
Floorcare Mats Laundry
Floorcare Mats Laundry
  • Then the floor mats are centrifuged to remove most of the water. After centrifugation, they go into the dryer where the remaining moisture is removed.

  • The clean mats are now ready for delivery and are brought to the customer by our service drivers.

Certified and sustainable washing processes

In addition to cotton towel rolls and workwear, dust control mats are also washed and reprocessed in our CWS high-tech laundries throughout Europe. The washing process in our laundries is certified to hygiene (ISO 9001), environmental (ISO 14001) and quality (ISO 14065) standards.

We focus on the efficient use of resources. For example, the washing water is used multiple times - first for cleaning the towel rolls and then for cleaning the soiled mats. Our water recycling rate is 80%. Our efficient washing technology and process allow us to forgo chemical cleaning processes that are harmful to the environment while reducing the need for detergents and water consumption.  

Dust control mats are washed and reused up to 100 times in their life cycle.

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