Creation of a fire protection concept

The creation of a fire protection concept is often mandatory for buildings. CWS shows you what is important.

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3 August 2022 Fire Safety

Fire protection concept in general

A fire protection concept includes preventive fire protection measures that are intended to prevent the development and spread of fire. At the same time, the fire protection concept defines necessary precautions for the evacuation and rescue of persons in case of fire.

The aim of a fire protection concept is to keep fire damage to a minimum and to increase safety around the building. In addition, it serves as structural engineering proof that the fire protection required by the authorities is taken into account in the building planning. This means that the fire protection concept is part of the building permit and is an important instrument for coordination with the authorities and fire brigades. Furthermore, the fire protection concept is the basis for fire protection regulations.

Important: A fire protection concept is valid for the entire service life of a building. In the event of a change of use, the fire protection concept must be adapted.

Structure of a fire protection concept

A fire protection concept usually consists of the following components:

  • Building description (e.g. size, use and materials)
  • Risk analysis and protection goals
  • Fire protection measures (structural, technical and organisational fire protection measures).

There are differences in the structure of the fire protection concept depending on country-specific requirements. In addition, a fire protection concept always consists of a text section and a section with visualisations that illustrate fire protection requirements in colour. These facilitate a quick overview and the identification of weak points.

Legal basis for a fire protection concept

The creation of a fire protection concept is mandatory for many, but not for all buildings. For example, the creation of a fire protection concept is always necessary for special buildings and in the case of significant deviations from building law requirements.

Buildings of a special type and use, e.g. places of assembly, hospitals or high-rise buildings, are considered special buildings according to MBO.

In addition, the various state building codes regulate the requirements for a fire protection concept in detail. At the same time, insurance companies often require a fire protection concept.

Good to know: NRW was the first federal state to create a legal basis for fire protection concepts. The reason for this was the airport fire in Düsseldorf in 1996. At that time, there was a multitude of fire protection regulations, but no uniform requirements, practical applications and documentation. All other federal states subsequently introduced similar regulations on fire protection concepts.

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Creation of a fire protection concept

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A fire protection concept must be prepared by a specialist planner in consultation with the fire brigade, the building authorities and the architect.

The requirements for a specialist planner are regulated differently depending on the federal state. In NRW, for example, only a state-recognised expert is allowed to prepare a fire protection concept according to §58 para. 3 BauO NRW. In contrast, in Bavaria an expert or an engineer is authorised to prepare a fire protection concept.

CWS Fire Safety is happy to support you in the creation and implementation of your fire protection concept as a certified specialist company. In addition to planning and installation, we also take care of the maintenance and repair of your fire protection equipment. Request advice now.

Do you still have questions about the creation or legal basis of a fire protection concept?

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