Creative innovation for the sixth Global Recycling Day

Tomorrow is the sixth official Global Recycling Day, which once again highlights the importance of recycling resources for the environment.


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17 March 2023

Nature provides mankind with numerous resources every year. However, these are finite. Since 2018, every year on 18 March, the Global Recycling Day initiative has therefore been reminding people around the world that we should all use resources more sparingly. According to the initiators of the campaign, the "throwaway society" in particular needs to be reconsidered. An important idea is that not all waste is the same. After all, raw materials can not only be consumed, but also used several times and integrated into cycles before their life ends. At CWS, this has already been anchored in the motto "Think Circular", which guides the company's processes on a daily basis.

True to this year's motto "Creative Innovation", CWS has also already managed to make recycling and circularity a reality. For example, the company already has a cooperation with Daniel Kroh, a designer from Berlin, who makes upcycled fashion out of discarded workwear. In addition, an Upcycling Fashion Competition has been running since the end of February, in which CWS is looking for creative young designers who can also create new styles from old clothes. That way, the participants contribute to the active reduction of waste and the promotion of recycling at CWS.